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Sharpsteen claims NYSS final race at 
By Colleen D’Hondt

The NYSS ran their final points race at Chemung Speedrome on September 4th in the Gary Marshall Memorial 50 lap event. The race would prove to be one of the most exciting of the season! A new point champion would celebrate his season and a local southern tier racer would celebrate the win.

A strong field of 27 super stocks would compete in 4 heat races to advance to the 50 lap main event. Heat race winners were Tim Gullo, Terry Potrzebowski, Chris Vogler and Steve Schultz. The top 3 finishers from each heat participated in the redraw with Brian Wozniak pulling the chip to start on the pole.
  The race would slow on several occasions for minor spin outs and cars breaking down on the track. There were many exciting passes throughout the race as drivers drove hard to improve their position. Pole sitter Brian Wozniak led the first 20 laps until Charlie Sharpsteen moved past him to claim the top spot. Sharpsteen led until lap 40 when fellow southern tier native Mike Nichols passed him for the lead. The checkers flew for Nichols with Sharpsteen following him across the line. Post race inspection would disallow Nichols’s win and Sharpsteen would wave the checkered with jubilation!

Rounding out the top 10 were Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr., Steve Schultz, Bill Frisbee Jr., Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler, Steve Pesarek, Scott Adams, Frank Chapman and Brian Wozniak.
Mitchell Wright from Henrietta, NY celebrated 2 crowns: NYSS points champion and Triple Crown Champion.
The 3 tracks making up the Triple Crown series were Chemung, Spencer and Lancaster. Wright would finish with a high of 157 points for the 3 races edging Chris Vogler by 8 points in that special tri-track series.

August 19, 2016: NYSS News update:
Coyle Wins Prestigious Dave London Memorial @ Spencer Speedway
By Colleen D’Hondt

The New York Super Stocks series presented the Dave London Memorial 50 lap race at Spencer Speedway this past Friday night. A stellar field of 41 cars attempted to make the race which was paying out over $10,000 in purse, lap and bonus money. Promoted solely by social media and word of mouth, this race has become the premier race for Super Stocks in the Northeast.

The 5 heat races were won by Todd Blair, Josh Schoonmaker, Billy Coyle, Steve Schultz and Tim Gullo. The amount of cars required 2 consis to be held to complete the field. Joe Mancuso and Nate Peckham were the winners of the 2 consis. Series regulars Zach Willis and Matt Larrivee used their provisionals to round out the 26 car starting field. After the top 10 finishers from the heats participated in the re-draw, the feature started with Billy Coyle and Tim Gullo on the front row.

A total of 12 cautions would slow the pace of the race. Tommy Catalano, Willie Strusz and Shaun Frarey all took a turn at spinning their cars and brought out the first 3 cautions before lap 9. Laps 12-20 saw a total of 4 more cautions for Schultz’s stalled car, a hood lying in the middle of the frontstretch and Scott Wylie, Josh Schoonmaker, Frarey and Mancuso spinning. A solid stretch of green flag racing took place from laps 22-35.

Tim Gullo had been leading from the drop of the green and never gave way to the challenges put on him by Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. and Bill Frisbie Jr. Through all the restarts he maintained the lead and picked up $500 bonus money for leading at the halfway point. Lap 41 saw Gullo’s night come to an end as something went amiss in his motor and Frisbie Jr. sailed past him. Frisbee would only lead until the fourth turn as his motor blew coming down the front stretch causing a wreck between him and Steffenhagen. At this point the race had to be red-flagged so the safety crew could clean up all the fluids.

When the race resumed on lap 41, Terry Cheetham was in the lead and he held that position until lap 47 when Coyle got past him. Coyle took the checkers followed by Cheetham, Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler and Willie Strusz.

Billy Coyle was ecstatic about the biggest win of his career. The driver who hails from Mecklenburg, NY has been racing in this division since the year 2000. In 2015 he joined the NY Super Stock series on a limited basis. This year he committed to running the entire series using the same race car since 2011. With his wife, parents, brother and sister as his biggest supporters, he made it clear that he wouldn’t be able to win without all their support. He also credits his sponsors for standing behind him – Midstate Basement, Finger Lakes Beverage, Stone Age BBQ, Pike’s Engine Machine Shop and Scott Coyle Racing Engines.

Finishers in 6th through 10th were Jay Mudra, Steve Schultz, Nate Peckham, Tommy Catalano and Steve Pesarek.  
NY SuperStock will conclude its 2016 Series @ Chemung Speedrome on Sunday September 5th.

Win #3 for Steffenhagen Jr.
By Colleen D’Hondt

The NYSS invaded Spencer Speedway on August 5th with another strong field of cars. At the end of the 25 lap feature Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. was in victory lane for the 3rd time this season.

Super stock veteran driver Jim Harter returned to competition for the first time in many years and made it known that he hasn’t lost his winning ways as he collected the checkered flag in the first heat. Tom Barron and Bill Frisbie Jr. were winners of the other heat races.

When the green flag flew to start the feature, all 23 drivers were on the gas. The pace of the race was slowed by 5 cautions for minor spin outs and track clean-up. Steffenhagen Jr. took the lead on lap 1 from his outside pole position starting spot and never looked back. The racing behind him was fast and furious as the drivers rode side by side and made some very exciting passes. Following Steffenhagen Jr. across the finish line were Nate Peckham, Mitchell Wright, Tom Barron, Billy Coyle, Tim Gullo, Chris Vogler, Terry Cheetham, Kevin Timmerman and Timmy Catalano.

In his victory lane interview, Steffenhagen Jr. thanked his sponsors. He also gave a shout out to C & D Automotive for their sponsorship of the race. Like most drivers today, their families are the heart of their teams. Jimmy gave special thanks to his wife, young sons, his dad and Debby. 

July 22, 2016: NYSS News update:
Wright Wins NYSS at Spencer Speedway
By Colleen D’Hondt

Defending series champion Tim Gullo was a man on a mission at Spencer Speedway on July 22nd. The series has been very competitive this year and he has been caught up in some wrecks. Determined to turn his luck around, he won his heat and then led all 25 laps of the feature. But the trophy and first place bragging rights ended up going to Mitchell Wright from Henrietta, NY. The post- race inspection determined that the heads on the Gullo machine didn’t follow the rule book.

Mitchell Wright has been a bridesmaid several times this year. His car always runs good and he knows how to make it handle at every track where he has competed. Mitchell’s family are his biggest supporters with brother Mason and father Sonny turning the wrenches. They are a team that helps any other team when necessary and they truly enjoy the competition in the New York Super Stock series.

There were a total of 26 cars on hand to qualify for the race. Race promoter Bobby Lippa Jr. decided to pitch in the money for the last 2 starting positions so that all cars could take the green flag for the 25 lap feature. The first 14 laps showed side by side racing throughout the field. A horrific crash happened on the frontstretch at the end of lap 14 that involved series regulars Mark Ramsey, Jimmy Steffenhagen and Kevin Ide. Something broke on Ramsey’s car just as Steffenhagen was attempting to lap him. Steffenhagen’s car got airborne and landed hard on the track. Ide drove his car directly to the pits. Ramsey’s car was destroyed. No drivers were injured and the red flag was displayed for the track to be cleaned up.

On the restart, Brandon Larner’s car stopped going down the backstretch to bring out the caution one more time.

The race went green the rest of the way. There were many laps of side by side racing throughout the field and great passes in the outside groove. Everyone was talking about Brianna Dinzler who was up to 4th place. She was hit in the rearend when the caution flew and this loosened her car up. She finished a respectable 8th with an ill handling car. The top ten were Wright, Billy Coyle, Bill Frisbie Jr, Terry Cheetham, Willie Strusz, Chris Vogler, Nate Peckham, Brianna Dinzler, Steve Pesarek and Timmy Catalano.

The next race for the series is August 5th at Spencer Speedway.

Steffenhagen Owns NYSS Weekend
By Colleen D’Hondt

The NY Super Stocks touring series held their first back to back races and Jimmy Steffenhagen showed the competition why he is a contender for the championship. He had his #131 set up perfectly at Spencer Speedway on June 24 and Lancaster Speedway on June 25 to top the rest of the stellar field of cars on both nights.

The 4 heat races for the 28 cars at Spencer were won by Zach Willis, Mitchell Wright, Willie Strusz and Jimmy Steffenhagen. The 25 lap feature didn’t get off to a good start as Robert Fink spun through the grass down the backstretch. On the next attempt to go green a major crash on the frontstretch brought out the red flag before a lap could be completed. The heavily damaged cars of Terry Cheetham and Jason Dinzler were unable to restart. There would be 4 more cautions during the 25 lap feature for minor spin outs. Caution was shown on the very last lap as Kelly Wilson’s #0 caught on fire going down the backstretch. The Spencer safety crew quickly responded to extinguish the fire and Wilson didn’t suffer any injuries.

The green-white-checker finish belonged to Steffenhagen who had taken the lead on lap 15 from Mitchell Wright who came home in second. Rounding out the top 10 were Bill Frisbie Jr., Billy Coyle, Willie Strusz, Brian Wozniak, Tim Gullo, Zach Willis, Chris Vogler and Tommy Barron.

The 50 lap race at Lancaster was a non-points race for the series. The 3 heat winners in the 21 car field were Jake Wylie, Mitchell Wright and Bill Frisbie Jr. The competition between the drivers is fierce and mayhem once again ensued at feature time. A major crash involving 1/3 of the field occurred on the backstretch of the first lap. The red flag was displayed and the safety crew at Lancaster had the task of cleaning up the melee. Bill Frisbie Jr. rode the wall and suffered heavy damage to his car. Defending series champion Tim Gullo also suffered extreme damage and wouldn’t return to the track. Bobby Schosek and Rob Miszczak were towed off the track and went straight to their trailers.

When racing resumed the field took the green flag in single file. Jake Wylie took the early lead followed by Mitchell Wright. A couple of minor cautions happened for spin outs. On the lap 10 restart, Steffenhagen and Wright passed Wylie who would pull off the track with a motor problem. From that point forward, the 2 lead cars pulled away from the rest of the pack. They put on a very competitive show for the fans and the result was the same as Friday. Steffenhagen and Wright topped off the weekend with a 1-2 punch both nights. Completing the top 10 were Steve Pesarek, Brian Wozniak, Chris Vogler, Jay Mudra, Tommy Barron, Billy Coyle,
Zach Willis and Josh Hunter.

The non series race is July 1 at Adirondack International Speedway followed by July 8 at Spencer Speedway Sponsored by Aratari Auto Finishers. Come out and watch these cars put on some great racing!

June 24, 2016: NYSS News update:

  The 25-lap New York Super Stock race proved to be a handful, as numerous cautions slowed the event. Twenty-three cars started the race. Following an aborted start which saw Robert Fink spin in the third turn, the race began. As the field completed the first lap a multi-car accident, on the front stretch, brought out the yellow flag.

  Once underway Bill Frisbee took the lead followed by Billy Coyle. The race was on but two additional yellows slowed the pace on laps four and five. Frisbee now found Jim Steffenhagen Jr. on his tail with Mitchell Wright in third.

  Yellow flag fever again broke out on lap 11 when Kevin Ide spun for the second time in turn four, just as Steffenhagen passed Frisbee for the lead. As the lap was not completed, Frisbee was again placed in first for the restart. Steffenhagen quickly re-established his lead as Wright took second from Frisbee on a lap 15 restart following another yellow.

  With one lap remaining the yellow flew for the sixth time as Kelly Miller’s number 0 burst into flames going down the backstretch. Miller immediately jumped to safety as crews put out the blaze.

  This set up a green-white-checker finish. Steffenhagen was up to the task and took the win followed by Wright, Frisbee, Coyle and Willie Strusz.

  “This is unbelievable” stated and extremely elated Steffenhagen. “We had trouble even starting this car earlier today.”

June 10, 2016: NYSS News update:

  The much anticipated 30-lap New York Super Stock series event, the second on their 2016 schedule, lived up to its hype. And this one proved the old theory about home track advantage. The two heat races went to Tim Gullo, Chemung's 2014 track champion, and Nick Robinson, who was coming off a hat trick of wins this year. Luck of the draw set the field, but talent in the car determined the key players in this one. Gullo took the lead and Robinson was right with him, not only in the early going but throughout the event. Chris Vogler and Jim Steffenhagen waged a great battle for third, while Mitchell Wright was working the traffic and advancing forward. With Gullo and Robinson gunning for the lead, Vogler and Steffenhagen for third, it was a clear battle of Chemung drivers versus Spencer Speedway regulars. Wright, whose car really came in as the laps clicked off, got around Vogler and was still on the move when time ran out. Gullo, from Elmira, NY sailed across the finish line for his first NYSS win this year followed by Robinson, Steffenhagen, Wright and Vogler.
The top ten finishers:
#71 Tim Gullo, #15X Nick Robinson, #131 Jim Steffenhagen Jr., #25 Mitchell Wright,
#15 Chris Vogler, #51 Steve Pesarek, #41 Frank Chapman, #78 Robert Fink,
#94C Billy Colye, #2 Bill Frisbie Jr.

June 3, 2016: NYSS News update:
Frisbee Wins First NY Super Stocks Race of 2016
By Colleen D’Hondt

  Mother Nature was finally smiling on the NY Super Stock series as the first race of the season was run at Spencer Speedway on June 3rd. The first 2 shows for the traveling series were rained out and the drivers have been eager to race. A full field of 26 cars were on hand to put on a great show to the large crowd.

  Heat races were 8 laps and the winners were Nate Peckham, Jason Dinzler and Mitchell Wright. A consi was run to determine the final order for the starting line-up with last year’s point champion,Tim Gullo, taking the checkered.

  The 25 lap feature got off to a rough start as there were 2 major accidents before lap 1 was completed. Several cars were eliminated from competition. When the race resumed after a 20 minute red flag, the drivers showed the fans what a competitive series this is. There was a lot of passing and side by side racing throughout the event. Bill Frisbee grabbed the lead from his outside pole starting position and led all 25 laps to claim victory. It wasn’t an easy victory as he had to fend off challenges from several competitors including Nate Peckham, Mitchell Wright and Chris Vogler throughout the race.

  Frisbie was ecstatic in his victory lane interview and made it clear that he has his eye on winning the NY Super Stocks point championship for 2016.
The top ten finishers:
#2 Bill Frisbee, #15 Chris Vogler, #71 Tim Gullo #8 Chris Finocchiaro, #51 Steve Pesarek, #54 Timmy Catalano, #33 Brianna Dinzler, #25 Mitchell Wright, #22 Will Strusz,#38 Shaun Frarey

May 18, 2016: NYSS News Update:

  I know the weather hasn’t been onboard with the NYSS Series but the tracks, fans, and race teams are. So here is the deal. 

- Friday June 10th, 30 Laps at Chemung Speedrome. This is to make up the May 1st race. 
  So now lets talk about Lancaster. Working with Tim from Lancaster and trying to find a date that fits in the schedule we came up with something. Now before I tell you pay attention here. NYSS has a 25 lap race Friday June 24th at Spencer. So the Lancaster Rain date was kinda close to this date. We decided to put this decision into the drivers hands. I called for a vote form last years top ten in points. The drivers responded.

- Triple Track Race #1, Lancaster National Speedway, Saturday June 25th, 50 Laps, $1000 to win

Two races back to back nights, Old School! 

2016 NYSS June Schedule:

Friday June 3rd, Spencer Speedway, James Ford Night, NYSS Race #1, 25 Laps, $700 to win

Friday June 10th, Midstate Basement Authorities Inc. Presents 30 Laps at Chemung Speedrome, NYSS Race #2, $500 to win

Friday June 24th, Spencer Speedway, Lazzaro Engine Performance Night, NYSS Race #3, 25 Laps, $500 to win

Saturday June 25th, Triple Track Race #1, NYSS Race #4, Lancaster National Speedway, 50 Laps, $1000 to win, FA Products Wholesale Engine Parts Presents “the Flip Side 50”

​May 16, 2016

NY SuperStock Race #1 Friday June 3rd @ Spencer Speedway

   With the crazy NY weather. We have cancelled our first two races. The May 1st race was postponed to May 27th. But with with the modified schedule, the date was moved this past weekend from May 27th to May 28th. This date change conflicted with my NYSS team and multiple race teams. We are working with Chemung to find a make up date. I know many fans and race teams are looking forward to NYSS racing at the drome. Rain outs are harder than ever with everyones busy schedule (work, kids, family). We are also working on a make up day for Lancaster. Saturdays are hard for the series with a couple of our drivers race at Canandaigua and a bunch race at Adirondack. As soon as we can get the dates together I will post them. So that makes Spencer Speedway June 3rd our first race. See every one there.

January 17, 2016 - by Laurie Hixson

The 2nd. Annual New York Super Stock awards banquet was held Saturday January 16th at the Fairport VFW with over 80 fans, drivers, and crew members in attendance. 

The remaining top 10 in points received recognition and hardware as well. They were 2nd place Chris Vogler, 3rd went to Bill Frisbie Jr, Jason Dinzler was 4th and Mitchell Wright rounded out the top 5. Willie Strusz finished 6th in the seasons points battle with Dale Lazzaro 7th, Nate Peckham 8th, Steve Malin 9th and Gary Noe 10th. 

The series sponsors have come on board again for 2016. A big thank you to them JG Autowerks, FA products & North Coast Performance, C & D Automotive, James Ford of Williamson, Vision Auto Group, Lazzaro Performance, Moonshine Madness, Bap race engines, Jody London for the Dave London Memorial race and Ray Marshall for the Gary Marshall Memorial race. 

Good Times DJ and Karaoke played til the wee hours for dancing and karaoke enjoyment. 

The first race of 2016 for the New York Super Stocks is scheduled for Sunday May 1st at the Chemung Speedway. The remaining schedule can be found on the NY Super Stocks facebook page or on Bobby Lippa Racing website. 

2015 News...
September 6, 2015
•James Ford - Williamson, NY 
•Lazzaro Performance - Ontario, NY
•FA Products - Wholesale Engine & Performance Parts
•Northcoast Performance - Mustang & Ford Performance Parts
•Jody London for the "Dave London Memorial"
•C&D Automotive - Ontario, NY

2014 News...
January 12, 2014
2014 NY Super Stocks – Rule updates
We had our meeting last weekend and we all covered many different topics.  
Here are the rules changes/amendments:
2013 News...
August 4, 2013
Updated rules for NY Super Stocks. Click on the #15 Super Stock on the home page for details.
July 13, 2013
Spencer Planning A Special Weekend Of Racing by Gary M. Spaid
On Friday, July 26, the NASCAR racers take to the fast half mile starting at 7:30 p.m. Featured on the race card that evening are Twin-20 lappers for the Sunoco Modifieds. Rounding out the program will be the Super Sixes, Auto Value Scorpions and the INEX Legend cars. Double points will be up for grabs in the Super Six division.
In 2012 we held two NYSS races at Spencer Speedway. The first race was a 25 lap race on June 8th with the ROC Mods. We had 16 cars on hand that night. What a show for the fans. Next was The 50 lap Fall Open on September 29th. We had 23 super stocks that night. Both races had additional money collected from friends and company's that support super/street stock racing. The rule book has been updated to keep racing fair and the cars from different tracks able to race without big changes. All local track 8" pavement tires will be allowed. If your track tire is not on the list please call me so we can check it out. The Big 10 Series is a separte series. The rules are very close other than the tires. We will work with Joe to not run these races aggainst each other. We will have 2 to 3 races under our rules and format. There will be a pre-tech to make sure every car has a chance to win. There will also be post tech on the top three cars after the race. The two tech officals will work for the NYSS Series. Thank you to all the car owners, drivers, fans, and sponsers that supported us last year.  

Spencer Speedway 2013

December 12, 2012

I talked to Chuck at Spencer Speedway today. We have the ok on a race at Spencer. The date is not set yet. It is NYSS rules and NYSS tech. We are working on the purse. The rules need to be out so cars can get prepared for the season. The race is going to be 51 laps. We have been working with Chuck on this for a couple of months. It will be a great race. Any questions call or text me.
Bobby Lippa 585-943-4587

2010 News

October 3, 2010

The 2010 season has come to an end.  We started and finished the season at Wyoming International Speedway (WCIS) with Super Stock wins.  The season finale “The Shoot Out at the Bull Ring” has been one we have been chasing for quite a few years.  In the past we have always come up just short but this year we finally accomplished this goal.

Campaigning a new car and class this year (Sunoco Modified) we were quite satisfied with the results, running (9) of (11) events at Spencer Speedway. Over the winter we will take what we have learned in 2010 and make the changes for 2011.  We are planning on running the Sunoco Modified the full schedule at Spencer Speedway in 2011.  Also, our Street/Super Stock will make a few campaign appearances in 2011.

July 17, 2010

Friday night turned out to be very special.  Not only were we running our Sunoco Modified but Bobby was asked to pilot the #22 Street Stock for Will Strusz.  Will wasn’t able to be at the track to compete because Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. and his beautiful Bride to be Jenny were getting married on Saturday and Will was in the wedding.  Bobby took the #22 to victory lane with Will and the wedding party watching in the stands.  The car went to victory lane mainly because Blue (Will’s Dad) put the perfect set up in it that made is easy for Jr. to drive.
As far as our Modified we finished 19th.  We are still working out problems and pulled the car off the track when Jr. thought best.  With this new car the learning curve will be there this year but we will be ready for 2011 to go to the front.

May 11, 2010

Opening day was suppose to be last Friday but mother nature had other plans.  Hopefully, this Friday May 14th she will let us have our opener.  

This year we have moved up to the SST Modified Division.  Our SST Super Stock will also be making a few appearances in 2010 (see schedule).

We would like to thank our partners for their support in 2010.  They are: JG Autowerks, Nu-Way Auto Parts (AC Delco), Vogler Farms, Finger Lakes Castle, Aratari Auto and Long Pond Auto Body.

2009 News

Press Realese October 4, 2009

Catalano and Lippa Jr. Take Home SST Tour Championships
Jankowiak, Semmler, Druar, Schulz and Hamman win at WCIS 
By: Steven Petty
For Immediate Release
PERRY, NY… A cool but sunny Saturday welcomed fans and race teams to Wyoming County International Speedway for the final time of the 2009 racing campaign. The stars came to shine not only in the sky, but on the racetrack as well as championships were on the line not only for the regular divisions at WCIS, but the SST Modified and SST Super Stocks Touring series as well as part of the Fall Shootout racing activities. 

Andy Jankowiak found victory lane for a second consecutive SST Modified Tour 100 lap event at the Bullring. Ricky Kluth and Don King led the competitive field for the start of the 100 lap feature go with Kluth getting out to the early advantage. Then on lap three, Andy J made his move getting around Kluth to take over at the front of the field. John Barber got around Jankowiak on lap five just before the first caution period of the night when Jerry Harding Jr spun on the front straightaway. His night came to an early exit due to the rear end locking up on his Logsdon Racing machine. Then on the following restart, Jankowiak grabbed the lead right back from Barber and that move on lap seven would eventually be the race winning pass. Neil Dietz Jr., driving the second Emerling Motorsports entry slowed on the back straightaway to bring out the second yellow of the evening. 
The field would start to string out around the 1/3rd mile Perry Bullring and the leaders were encountering lap traffic early and often in the event. Lap traffic an issue for the leaders as many cars were slicing and dicing for positions within the lead lap cars with Bobby Holmes, Jon Price, Amy Catalano and Tom McGrath all working their way through the field. While trying to pass the slower lap down cars, Catalano and Price made contact in turns three and four and Price went around. Both Price and Catalano were sent to the end of the longest line for their involvement with the yellow. 
The restarts after every caution were a godsend to John Barber, who was running the last 80 laps without any power steering. Barber could get right on the rear nerfbar of Jankowiak but nothing further as Jankowiak’s Jim and Bob’s Service machine pulled away and took home the victory. Barber would finish in the runner up spot and with that came the 2009 WCIS SST Modified Track Championship. Young driver Patrick Emerling would take home the third position with Tom McGrath and Terry Cheetham would complete the top five with Bobby Holmes, Jon Price, Jerry Gradl Jr., Russ Gian and Amy Catalano rounding out the top 10. With the tenth place finish, Catalano would wrap up the SST Modified Tour Championship to go along with her track championship at the Spencer Speedway. 

Billy Semmler from Webster, NY took top honors in the 3rd Annual Dave London Memorial 50. A strong field of SST Super Stocks came to the Bullring for the Saturday night fight under the lights. Semmler and Mike Chenaille led the field for the green flag with Semmler getting out to the early advantage. 
2009 WCIS Super Stock Champion Bobby Lippa Jr. would take over the top spot from Semmler and would lead for a while until a right rear flat on his JG Autoworks, Mark’s Garage machine would send him pit side for a new tire and that would pay dividends as he and Brian Gordon would work their way back through the field to finish strong in the feature event. 
When Lippa went pit side, Semmler would be handed back the top spot and that spot he would not relinquish for the remainder of the night as Semmler would cross the line first and take home the 3rd annual Dave London Memorial. Lippa would come back and take home second and with the runner up spot, Lippa would be crowned the SST Super Stock Champion. Robert Fink would cross the line in third after having a great run for the Mountain Speedway regular. 2008 track champion Brian Gordon would come home in fourth and track regular Brian Gleason would complete the top five. Todd Stone, Steve Vinyard, Jeremy Gray, Cassie Logsdon and Mike Chenaille would round out the top ten. 

30 cars for 30 laps…. What a Saturday night at WCIS with Matt Druar picking up the victory in the feature event for the entry level 4 cylinder division. Ashley Kirchberger and Spencer Speedway track champion Bill Verwys led the way for the start with Verwys getting the advantage. Verwys was running on rails and pulling away from the rest of the field but a mid race caution would bunch up the field and Druar would take advantage and would lead the remaining laps in route to the victory. Tom Catalano, son of Dave and Amy would cross the line in second for a career best at WCIS in his first ever start. Eric Hastreiter would have a great battle with 2009 Champion Brian Johnson in a dual for third with Hastreiter edging out Johnson and Bob Marzec would round out the top five. 
Mark Schulz would pick up the win in the Casey’s TQ Midget feature. After a great battle with teammate Jamie Collard, Schulz would lead the final circuits in picking up the win. Collard would come home second for a 1-2 Englewood Collision finish and Justin Mapes would cross the line in third position. With the third place finish, Mapes would successfully defend his 2008 championship by becoming the 2009 Casey’s TQ Midget Series Champion. 

Kris Hamman was fast in whatever Mini Cup car he was behind the wheel of and Saturday night was no exception as he would win the finale for the Mini Cups. Michelle Becker would be crowned the Mini Cup Champion for 2009. 

The staff and management of WCIS would like to thank all the drivers, owners, crews, sponsors and fans for making 2009 another successful season and hope and wish to see you all again in 2010. For more information, you can log on to 

Race Results: 10-3-09
SST Modifieds: ANDY JANKOWIAK, John Barber, Patrick Emerling, Tom McGrath, Terry Cheetham, Bobby Holmes, Jon Price, Jerry Gradl Jr., Russ Gian, Amy Catalano, Kevin Lewis, Dick Kluth, Sherri Hogan, Bryan Sherwood, Greg Utberg, Neil Dietz, Don King, Tim Welshans, Tom Weist, Billy Ray Pruitt, Ricky Kluth, Tom Fecteau, Scott Combs, Mike Bliss, John Julicher Jr., and Jerry Harding Jr. 

SST Super Stocks: BILLY SEMMLER, Bobby Lippa Jr., Robert Fink, Brian Gordon, Brian Gleason, Todd Stone, Steve Vinyard, Jeremy Gray, Cassie Logsdon, Mike Chenaille, Ted Welshans, Brittany Jack, Jay Mudra, Jay Canonico, Phil Alhart Jr, Pete Pieczynski, Alexis Wilson, Joe Mancuso, Brad Collings

4 Cylinder Stocks: MATT DRUAR, Tom Catalano, Eric Hastreiter, Brian Johnson, Bob Marzec, Austyn Fugle, Alison Knoepfler, Bill Verwys, Samantha Lutz, Ashley Kirchberger, Matt Jurek, Joe Clark, Kalie Clementi, Charles Buchanan, Brian Probeski, Chris Wolcott, Jeff Szafranice, Doug Packman, Tony Carbone, Zach Willis, Tony Caruana, Steve Malin (DNF), Kevin Grom (DNF), Mike Meyers (DNF), Joe Chico (DNF), Kyle Skoney (DNF), Cassie McGrath (DNF), Bill Lutz (DNF), Gert McDonald (DNF), Eric Marzec (DNF) 

Press Realese August 22, 2009

WCIS Outdualed by Mother Nature
By Steven Petty

PERRY, NY… Wyoming County International Speedway was forced to cancel Friday’s nights scheduled SST Super Stock Tour event as well as a 5000 penny pickup sponsored by the Bank of Castile. Shortly after 7:00 PM, officials and management were forced to cancel the racing activities as strong showers moved through the area.
Next Friday rain checks will be honored at the gates for a reduced price for admission, for the once rescheduled Pirate Trailer Race. Labor Day weekend is soon upon us as racing will be on Sunday September 6th with the SST Modified 100 headlining the action on the fast 1/3rd mile BullRing. For more information, you can log on to or call the speedway office at (585) 237-2580

Press Realese June 21, 2009

Evans Ends Barber’s Streak and picks up SST Mod Win 
By Steven Petty 

Perry, NY… You realize that streaks have to come to an end. What a perfect way to give yourself a graduation present and picking up a win at Wyoming County International Speedway as Joe Evans and John Barber gave the fans a final 10 laps that no one will ever soon forget in the SST Modified feature. Scott Reece and Greg Utberg led the field to the green with Reece leading the first few circuits. Evans, who started 4th got around Utberg for second and quickly set his sights on the Reece machine. The Emerling Ford Mercury sponsored 91 of Evans got around Reece and took off. The lead that Evans would eventually build was a large one until a mid race caution slowed the field down and the lead would disappear. The one person who Evans wouldn’t want to see in his rear-view mirror was the driver that won the previous 5 feature events, the 01 of John Barber. Barber started next to the last row and worked his way up through the field to the number two spot on the speedway. Sequential cautions in the remaining 10 laps made restarts interesting between Evans and Barber with Evans getting it done when needed the most and scoring the win and putting the end on Barber’s win streak. Tim Gullo, a former champion at the speedway made his first start in a few seasons and finished third followed by Steve Fuchs and Tim Welshans completing the top 5. 

Bobby Lippa Jr picked up another win in the 25 lap main event for the Super Stocks. The Supers always have a great show and a clean race. Todd Stone and Brian Gleason led the field to the green flag with Stone getting out to the lead. Side by side battles with the field eventually led to Bobby Lippa Jr grabbing the lead away from the Stone Contracting machine. With Lippa up front, battles for second on back were very competitive with Brian Gorden, Todd Stone and Brian Gleason. Lippa’s lead was good enough to hang-on and picked up the victory with Brian Gorden, Todd Stone, Brian Gleason and Mike Chainelle completing the top 5. 

The 4 cylinder division is always very competitive. Even with low car counts the cars put the fans on the edge of their seats. Eric Hastreiter and Kevin Grom started on the front row for the 15 lap affair with Hastreiter getting out to the early lead. Brian Johnson got around Hastreiter but then Hastreiter re gained the lead for one more circuit before Johnson took the lead away from the final time. Brian Johnson scored his second win on the season but it is the first win that he crossed the line first. Hastreiter finished second followed by Kevin Grom, Austyn Fugle and Cassie Logsdon completing the top 5. 
The Mini Cups put on a
nother great show for the fans. Johnny Scutt, Robbie Becker and Amy Becker all took turns leading the 12 lap event with Amy getting the job done at the end and scoring her second consecuative win on the 1/3rd mile oval. James Binder scored a career best second place finish followed Robbie Becker, Michelle Becker and Johnny Scutt completing the top 5. 

Next week, WCIS says “Aloha to Summer” as it is Hawaiian Night as well as round number two of the popular Crash-N-Smash series as Junkyard Hockey will be the event. Plus it will be a regular show featuring the SST Modifieds, SST Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders and the Mini Cups. Gates open at 5:00 with racing to start at 7:30 pm. 
Steven Petty 
Sports Director: WNYO-FM 88.9 Oswego, NY 
Announcer: WCIS Perry, NY

2008 News

August 11, 2008

The rain date for August 8th will be Friday August 15th.

July 27, 2008

After our 30 lap feature win @ WCIS on July 18th the #15 Team will be returning to WCIS for a 50 lap special Super Stock feature on Friday August 8th.  If you can, come on out and support the team.  WCIS is one of the best short track facilities around.  For sure they have the best food.  Practice starts @ 6:00pm and racing @ 7:30 pm.  All fans are welcome to join us in the pits after the last checker has flown.  Hope to see you on Friday August 8th.

For Directions click on "links" then: Wyoming County International Speedway.

July 5, 2008

Last weekend the #15 Team set out to do a three night marathon; Friday at Wyoming Country Speedway, Saturday at Dunn Raceway Park and Sunday at Chemung Speedrome.  Along with us on this marathon was the #16 Team of Jay Mudra & Terry Cochran from Buffalo.  Their team consists of two cars; the #16 & the #88.  With the now three cars traveling together we are now known as “the invaders”.

Friday at WCIS saw a great night of racing that was steaming up to be a show down between Jay (#16) & Bobby (#15).  Jay was in the lead of the 25 lap feature with Tony Pangrazzio (#41) in second & Bobby (15#) in third.  On lap fifteen in front of the starter, Bobby went on the inside to pass Pangrazzio.  Pangrazzio tried to pinch down to stop Bobby from the pass and the cars made contact.  With this contact Pangrazzio’s left rear tire came up the right side of our car and turned him into the wall and ended his night.  Bobby got through this to continue but had to go to the end of the line for the restart.  WCIS rule, if you are part or involved in a caution you must start tail (end).  With 10 laps to go the #15 crossed the finished line third.  

Saturday night’s event was canceled due to rain.

Sunday was our first visit to Chemung Speedrome with the car.  Because of the threat of rain they moved the show right along.  Only one practice was given to each class in order to speed up the show and beat the rain.  We made some adjustments for our heat and scored second.  Taking that information we made a few more adjustment for the 25 lap feature.  Starting fifth we hung in there with all the regulars finishing fourth.  Jay also was in this feature and has raced Chemung in the past, he finished second.  All of us were very pleased with the out come, especially for the first time and very little set up stats.

The next event will probably be WCIS later in the month.

May 31, 2008

This has been added to our schedule.
We will be racing tomorrow - Sunday, June 1st as the make up date for May 31st.
On the schedule....Able Agency Street Stocks, Super Stocks, Bobcat of Buffalo Late Models, and McGard Modifieds. 
The SST's have been added to DTRP's show tomorrow afternoon!!! 
The SST race will be a non-points 35 lap feature with regular DTRP payout. 
The bonus......The race is a Race of Champions SST Qualifier with the winner receiving a guaranteed starting spot at the RoC in Oswego in September.

Pit Gates will open at 10am 
Grandstands will open at Noon 
Practice will begin at Noon 
Racing will begin at 2pm.
Until next time,    

May 10, 2008

Hope everyone survived the long cold winter.  The weather is looking great and we are all looking forward to a great summer.  

This year we are taking some time off from the every week racing schedule to do some catch up on things we haven’t been able to do.  Today I have posted our tentative 2008 schedule on the web site.  All dates are subject to change.  If you would like to know when we are racing, e-mail me at: with your e-mail address, so you can be added to our fan base.  I will let you know when and where the 15 Team will be participating.

News 2007

October 7, 2007

Yesterday ended the 2007 racing season.  This definitely was a year where we took our racing up a level in regards to set ups.  The last three events were extra distances races that we were pleased on how the car handled, both in set ups and performance.

At the Oswego RoC (September 22nd) we won our heat and unfortunately a rocker stud broke early in the race that ended our day.  The next week at Lancaster for the US Open we came in third in our heat and second in the 30 lap feature and yesterday at WCIS for the Coke Cola 50 lap Shoot Out we posted a second in our heat and third in the feature.

We had a great crew that did a great job and owe them all a big thank you. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our marketing partners. They are AC Delco   Nu-Way Auto Parts, Mark’s Garage and JG Autowerks. 

What’s in for next year will depend on what the tracks decide to do with this class.  There is a lot of talk right now but it’s too early to make a decision.  We will keep you informed of our plans as soon as we made a decision.

September 9, 2007

Friday night ended the season at Spencer Speedway for 2007.  It is not like we had hoped but as a Team we over came a lot of challenges.  All of the crew did a superb job keeping  the #15 on the track and competitive.

Ten street stocks showed for the last night with five in each of two heats.  Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. (#13) was in heat one and Junior in heat two.  Steffenhagen Jr. won his heat and now it was our turn to hopefully match his win.  We took the checker but were penalized two spots because of contact with Phil Alhart (#84) in turn two.  We believe this was a bad call since Alhart came down on us and Bobby lifted to allow him to recover.  This call put in the third row outside in the feature with Steffenhagen Jr. starting in row two inside.  Steffenhagen Jr. quickly moved into the lead with Don Stevens (#5) falling in second.  Bobby moved into third on lap two.  All three of these cars were very evenly matched and broke away from the rest of the field.  The twenty lap feature ended the same, 13, 5 & 15 giving Steffenhagen Jr. the win and the 2007 Street Stock Championship.

Today we put in our end of the year engine for the three big races coming up; Oswego (9/22), Lancaster (9/29) and Perry (10/6).

September 3, 2007

It’s hard to believe but last Friday was the second to last race of the season at Spencer Speedway.  We had twelve Street Socks on the program with Jay Mudra (#16) coming from Buffalo in his first appearance in about ten years.

Two heats were scheduled with us being fifth in the first.  On lap two we moved to second and it stayed that way for the remainder of the eight lap contest.

Feature time came and we started fifth as the results of the heat finish and handicap point system.  On lap two the yellow flew for the first of three times.  We started fifth on the re-start and moved to third by lap seven when the second yellow came out.  The green flew and Junior put the #15 in second by lap nine when once again the yellow flew for the final time.  The re-start had Bobby on the outside pole but he quickly tucked in behind Willie Strusz (#22) who was at the point.  It stayed that way for the remainder of the race.  Jimmy Steffenhagen (#13) who came into this race with a one point lead finished third and now we are one point ahead of him going into the last race. Strusz took the checker flag for his first ever Feature win.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

August 26, 2007

Friday at 7:00 pm the Street Stocks took to the track to complete the August 10th curfew canceled feature.  With twenty laps the distance and Junior starting in third, the green flew starting the race.  By half way through the first lap Bobby ducked under Roger Worden (#32) who started on the pole for the top spot.  Coming out of turn four Jimmy Steffenhagen (#13) went three wide and pushed up into Worden putting him in the wall.  When Worden hit the wall he bounced out and collected Steffenhagen.  Both cars had to towed off the track with serious damage.  That was the only yellow of the race and Junior lead all twenty laps for our fifth win.  As he crossed the finished line the power steering let go so that would be the first item to address when we were back in our pit area.  Going into that event, Jim Steffenhagen and Bobby were tied for the points lead.  This was not good for Steffenhagen, as he was scored eleventh.

Now the complete racing program would start for the evening.  We had to fix the power steering, hopefully, before our heat race.  Luckily we were in the second heat so that gave us a little more time.  We weren’t able to fix the problem and put the power steering unit back on the car so we joined the two power steering lines and sent him out with out power steering.  Junior did a great job holding off Steffenhagen for five laps of the eight lap heat but he couldn’t hold the car on the bottom letting Steffenhagen duck under him.  Jimmy Steffenhagen finished third and Bobby fourth. This gave Steffenhagen one point for third and Bobby zero for fourth.

After the heat we replaced the power steering unit and did our normal maintenance for the second twenty lap feature.  Steffenhagen started sixth and Bobby eighth.  Both were moving up the field when on lap eight coming out of turn two our transmission let go.  Bobby slowly made the circuit and drove off the track ending our night.  Steffenhagen went on to win the feature and Bobby was scored eleventh.  So at the end of the night Jimmy leads the points and we are in second, one point behind.

Bobby and I would like to thank all of the people that helped us on Friday; Mark Ranaletta (Mark’s Garage), Adam Vogler, Mike Vogler and Tom Brinser.  Without them we couldn’t have done what we did.

Only two week left of the 2007 Spencer Speedway season. 

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

August 19, 2007

There is not too much to report for the last two weeks.  On August 10th we were scheduled to run our feature last.  We won our heat and were starting third in the feature when it was canceled due to the 11 o’clock curfew regulation.  Last Friday night was suppose to start out with our feature from the previous Friday and then go into the regular schedule.  We didn’t even get to the first round of practice when the sky opened up.  The rain was coming down hard and steady so the track canceled the night of racing.  Hopefully, this Friday will be a better evening and we can start out with our curfew canceled feature.

Only three week left of the 2007 Spencer Speedway season. 

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

August 5, 2007

After a week off because of last Friday’s rain out (only the 2nd time this year) we were back in action.  Eleven Street Stocks took to the track with the first of two heats.  Junior started fifth in heat one.  On lap two he passed Roger Worden (#32) for third and went to second on lap three.  Jeff Parent (#39) was at the point and held on for the win with Junior on his tail for second.

The twenty lap feature saw Bobby starting in third with Parent on the pole, Don Stevens (#5) on the outside pole and Jim Steffenhagen Jr. (#13) in the fourth slot.  As the green flew it only took two laps and the front four were nose to tail.  The caution less race ended the way it started, #39, #5, #15 and #13.  No one had it on this night to go to the outside and pass.

All of us at Bobby Lippa Racing would like to congratulate Jeff Parent and his crew on their 1st ever feature win.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

July 15, 2007

Last Friday night was our 50 lap event.  This is the longest extended race we have had since we started racing at Spencer’s in 2000.

Twelve cars started with six in each heat.  Bobby was in the first heat starting fifth.  As the green flew he moved into the third spot by the end of lap one with Amy Catalano (driving #2 tonight) right behind him.  As they were going in turn three on lap two, Catalano made heavy contact to the left rear of Junior putting the #15 into a spin (see pictures).  The yellow flew and Bobby rejoined at the back of the pack.  Catalano was put to the tail because she caused the caution.  Junior now on a mission worked his way to second by lap seven of the eight lap heat and took the lead on lap eight for the win (see picture).

Feature time came and we started fifth because of our heat finish and our handicap points.  The first of two yellows would fly on lap two for the stopped car of Billy Semmler (driving the #54 tonight).  The restart saw John VanHooydonk (#41) at the pole with Jim Steffenhagen Jr. (#13) on the out side pole and Junior third.  Steffenhagen Jr. grabbed the lead with Bobby in second followed by Don Stevens (#5) and Amy Catalano (#2).

On lap eleven Catalano passed Junior on the outside for second and started after Steffenhagen Jr.  She caught him on lap nineteen but couldn’t pass him.  Bobby had Stevens and then Ryan Corso (#51) on his tail since Catalano moved to second.  Lap twenty two came and Junior started pulling away from Corso.  Steffenhagen Jr. and Catalano had built up a straight away lead and we needed a caution to bring the cars back together.  Lap thirty seven saw that caution we needed but would go against us.  Steffenhagen Jr. and Catalano got into each other coming out turn two.  As they slowed up for a second Bobby drove pass them for the lead only to have Catalano’s left front fender hit out right rear quarter panel.  This slight touch only wiggled our car but because she was still trying to regain control from the contact with Steffenhagen Jr. she turned to the right and hit the wall.  Thankfully she was ok.  The officials call was we caused the contact and Bobby was sent to the rear.

The green flew again and Junior went from eighth to sixth in one lap.  He continued to pass cars and when the checker flew we were third.  

I questioned the call to the owner on putting us to the back, especially after Amy and Jimmy stated we were not the cause.  The officials reviewed it and then apologized to us for the bad call.  As we all know there is nothing that can be done but hopefully they (the officials) will be a little more observant.

Yes, the win was taken from us but we came away feeling good finishing third with all that had taken place that night.

All photos are by Ron Rigby and Bobby Lippa Racing thanks him for all that he does for us.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

July 8, 2007

Last Friday saw the first RoC Modify Tour race at Spencer’s since the late nineties.  It was a 100 lapper with thirty-one modified’s showing up.  With that and also the USAC Ford Focus Midgets making their first ever visit to Spencer Speedway we only got one practice session and a feature only.  There was no heat race for us this night.

Starting in the tenth position we were gradually working our way through traffic when on lap nine the #51 of Ryan Corso spun us in turn one.  With this spin we lost the right rear shock and it also caused a front end suspension failure.  After this Jr. did a great job just finishing the event.  We will be back this Friday with the car fixed to run our class 50 lapper.

For the track it seemed like the old days with a great car count and fans in the stands.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

June 29, 2007

Last Friday we went with a different set up in the car hoping to improve the handling.  During the first practice we thought we had improved but as more rubber was laid on the track we soon found out from the second and third practice that this set up wasn’t going to work.  The crew put the car back to where we had it a week ago to prepare for the eight lap heat race.

Starting fifth in the first of two heats we knew after one lap the car was back.  On lap two we took over third place right behind Tommy Carino Jr. (#7) and Ryan Corso (#51).  Lap four saw Jr. get under Corso for second and on lap sixth drove under Carino Jr. for the lead and kept it to get the checker flag two laps later.

Feature time saw us starting fourth (as a result of the heat win and handicap points system) and this feature would go twenty caution free laps.  By the end of lap one Jr. moved into the third spot and we were now nose to tail with Don Stevens (#5) and Jim Steffenhagen Jr. (#13).  On lap sixth Amy Catalano (#54) joined us making it a four car train.  No one could pass or wanted to for chancing of loosing their spot.  Catalano was the only one trying to pass since she had no one behind her.  This went on until lap seventeen when Catalano coming out of turn two ran over debris on the track and lost both of her right side tires.  With two laps to go Steffenhagen Jr. closed in on Stevens, looking to set up for a last minute run for the win.  Bobby waited to the last lap to close in right behind the #13 and then coming out of the fourth turn heading for the checker, Steffenhagen Jr. drove down under Stevens trying to pass him on the inside when they made contact and they had to lift off the gas for a second.  With this Jr. drove up to the outside never lifting off the gas and when the three of them came to the finish line Bobby won by about eighteen inches with Stevens second and Steffenhagen Jr. third about two feet behind Stevens.  What a finish!  The crew and I couldn’t tell who won from where we were standing.  Then we all looked up at the sore board and saw the order; 15, 5, 13, 22, 51.  Bobby dedicated this win to his Aunt Sandy Vogler. 

Note:  This week is the RoC 100 lap modified race and racing starts at 6:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

The temperature was down from a week ago with a little wind but was a great night for racing.  Twelve Street Stocks took to the track with two heats of six.  Junior started fifth and by lap four took the lead to win the second heat contest.  Amy Catalino (#2) won the first heat race. This was the most Street Stock’s (12) we have had on a night this year.

Feature time came with Junior starting in the fourth spot due to his heat win and the handicap points system.  As the green flew Tommy Carino Jr. (#7) starting on the pole had his back end come around, shot to the left and clipped Don Stevens (#5) who started right behind Carino Jr.  Everyone else got through this mishap un-touched.  Since this there was not a completed lap, a complete re-start was done.  With the Stevens car out for the night and Carino Jr. going to the pits for repair it moved Junior up to the number two spot (front row outside). As the green flew for the second time Ryan Corso (#51) on the pole got a jump on Junior.  Bobby was not able to over come that start and had to wait for an opening to fall in line in the inside grove.  He was now in fifth and had some work to do.  One by one he moved his way up and by lap eleven was in the second spot.  Caution flew on lap twelve.  Since half of the race was over the re-start is single file.  Amy Catalano (#2) had the top spot with Bobby in second.  We finished the nine remaining laps but had nothing for the #2 car that night.  We will take second and come back next week a little better.  Jim Steffenhagen Jr. (#13) did a great job starting last and finishing third, especially after last week.

A reminder, starting time has been moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with practice starting at 5:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

June 17, 2007

Friday night was a great night for racing.  It looked like more cars were showing up and the parking lot showed signs the stands might have its largest crowd of the year.  At heat time there were six Super Sixes, eleven Street Stocks, seventeen NASCAR Modifieds, twelve Super Nora Modifieds and twenty seven SST Modifieds.  This was the best car count night so far this season and the stands also had its best attendance of season.

With eleven Street Stocks, there were two heats scheduled.  Junior was in heat number one starting fifth.  On lap two in turns one and two Don Stevens (#5) and Roger Worden (#32) got together and both cars started to spin.  Junior, right on their heals did a great move to avoid contact.  As the eight lap heat wound down the cars were nose to tail and half way through turns three and four when Stevens and Ryan Corso (#51) got together opening up the center and Junior took advantage putting the #15 in third.   

Feature time saw the #15 starting fifth.  After one lap the cars settled in, in singled file.  With Tom Carino Jr. (#7) at the lead followed by Jim Steffenhagen Jr. (#13), Bobby Jr. and Bill Hebing Jr. driving Bob Minacapelli’s (#2) it was follow the leader.  Then on lap five, coming out of turn four, Carino went high opening the door for the #13, #15 and #2.  Junior did not have enough for Steffenhagen to get around him on the outside so just stayed on his bumper waiting for him to make a mistake.  Mean while Hebing stayed on Junior’s bumper and also tried many times to get around but didn’t have enough to make the pass.  At the end it was the #13, #15, #2 and #51 rounding out the top four.  Steffenhagen’s victory (also his 25th birthday) was short lived.  After post race tech, he was DQ (disqualified) for having an aluminum intake manifold.  In the street stock division at Spencer Speedway you must run the factory stock cast iron two barrel manifold.  With this, it moved everyone up one spot, so the win went to us.

June 9, 2007

With practice in the books we all were hoping the predicted storm would turn south and miss us.  However, it didn’t and the rain, lightning and thunder came.  With that, the track had to cancel the evening’s events.

June 3, 2007

Another great evening for racing and the car count went up by two.  We have been a long time supporter of the Street Stock division and Bobby lamented in the May 25th feature interview, “I know there are more of these cars out there.  We need to get them here to the speedway.  We need them to come out.”  It must have made an impact.  Phil Alhart Jr. #84 was in the stands and says he’ll be back.  So the car count keeps going up.  Hopefully, we can get thirteen or fourteen as summer approaches.

The eight lap heat started with Bobby in the eight position.  This week with ten cars, the first five finishers will advance to the feature using their handicap points.  All others will start from position six and back.  So again it is important to finish in the top five.  Junior again repeated by crossing the finish line in third.

We made some changes and the car was ready for the twenty lap feature. We took the green in fourth and settled in behind Roger Worden #32 who was on the pole.  Amy Catalano driving Bob Minacapelli’s #2 quickly drove up on the outside next to Junior.  She got around Junior and then Worden and now was in front.  Junior went to the outside of Worden and got around him to take over the second spot.  By this time Catalano had a good size track advantage.  With the feature going green from start to finish Junior could not make up the difference she had on him.  All in all we were happy with second considering on the start Don Steven’s #5 who was on the inside of us pushed us into the wall coming out of turn four taking the green.  The entire right side of the car was three feet in the air and the starter called for a complete re-start.  Assessing today what that hit did to the car, it was fine driving and a well built unit that kept us in the game.

The team will be putting in a few extra hours this week to check over the car not knowing if there is any hidden damage from hitting the wall.  We don’t think there is, but we need to be sure.

A reminder, starting time has been moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with practice starting at 5:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

May 28, 2007

What a difference a week makes.  From a low of 38 degrees a week ago to a beautiful pleasant evening.  This also showed in the attendance.

The eight lap heat started with Bobby in the seventh position.  With eight cars, the first four finishers will advance to the feature using their handicap points.  All others will start from position five and back.  So it is important to finish in the top four.  Junior repeated a week ago by crossing the finish line in third.

In the heat race the car was not quite handling the way we needed but was much better then practice.  The crew went to work and made some changes for the twenty lap feature. We took the green in fourth and settled in a single line after lap one.  Junior going to the outside passed Roger Worden (#32) taking over the third spot.  John VanHooydonk (41) was now the next car.  Waiting for the right moment, Junior when low coming out of turn two and passed VanHooydonk in a drag race down the back stretch taking the number two spot.  Tommy Carino Jr. (#7) holding the top spot had a little distance on us.  By lap five we had caught Carino and made the same pass on him out of turn two as earlier with again a drag race into turn three.  We came out on top on lap six.  There was one caution on lap nine and the restart saw the #15 & #7 on the front line.  Carino made a great effort to capture the lead back but fell a little short.  At the end it was Bobby Jr. first, Tommy Carino Jr. finishing second and Jim Steffenhagen Jr. (#13) third.  Well, the junior’s had it this week; one, two and three. 

A reminder, starting time has been moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with practice starting at 5:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

May 20, 2007

Friday night’s weather prediction came true.  It was a clear night with some wind and temperatures dropping where you could see your breath.

Again the car count for our class was low and we also lost one due to an engine failure.  Hopefully, Phil Alhart  Jr. #84 will be back along with others who are finishing up their cars.

The eight lap heat started with Bobby in the eight position.  From the heat only four cars will advance to the feature using their handicap points.  All others start from position five and back.  So it is important to finish in the top four.  Jr., after negotiating traffic crossed the eight lap caution free heat third.

When feature time came the sun had gone down, dew was forming on the grass.  The twenty lap feature started with Bobby in fourth as a result of his third place finish in the heat, plus his handicap points.  Jr. worked his way to the third spot by lap two when the caution flew for a mishap in turn three.  When the green flew again Bobby secured the second spot right on Don Stevens’s #5’s bumper who started on the pole.  It became a two car run away between the #5 & #15.  Jr. tried to pass a number of times but Stevens did have his car dialed in.  It was a crowd pleaser watching the two of them put on a great show. At the end of twenty laps it was Stevens then Jr.

A reminder that the starting time has been moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with practice starting at 5:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

May 12, 2007

Opening night was a little cooler than practice night a week ago.  However, it still was a beautiful evening with a little wind.

The car count for our class was low compared to other years.  Hopefully, there are cars that haven’t been finished up and will be back on the track next week.

With only nine cars on the program one heat was scheduled.  Bobby started on the outside pole and by turn one took over the lead and led the entire eight lap heat.  Feature time saw Jr. on the pole.  We started on the pole because, only, on opening night you are lined up by your heat finish. Starting next week, your starting position will be by your handicap points (the better you finish the father back you start).  Bobby took the green and led all twenty caution free laps.  Jim Steffenhagen Jr. was challenging at the end but didn’t have enough as the checker flag flew.

A reminder that the starting time has been moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with practice starting at 5:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

May 5, 2007

The snow in behind us, the cold has seemed to subside and the rain has stop, racing season is “Officially” here.  Last night was opening practice at Spencer Speedway and what a beautiful afternoon and evening it was.

The first time each year, all cars must go through and pass safety inspection. This is mandatory before they are allowed to practice or race.  We went through and received our safety inspection and medical sticker.  The medical sticker is to show that you have filled out the necessary forms should they be needed.

Right out of the trailer the car looked great.  The times were very respectful considering the track was still green (no rubber on it) from the winter.  We made four practice runs trying different setups and then called it a night.

Friday, May 11th is the opener.  Starting time has been moved from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with practice starting at 5:30 p.m.  To see what classes are running, special events and admission prices log on the Spencer Speedway web site,  or click on our web site, go to links and then Spencer Speedway.

When you are at the track come in the pits after the races and stop by our trailer.  The #15 is always in front of the trailer.   If you have kids with you they are always welcome to sit in the car, see Patty, Bobby or me and don’t forget the camera.

February 10, 2007


Our team’s newest member "Tom Brinser"

Tom brings 25 years of racing experience including; crew member, driver/owner and car builder.  All of us on the team are very excited to have Tom as part of the team and looking forward to a great 2007 Season.

News 2006

December 26, 2006

I know it has been a while but here are a few updates.  

We ended the season on October 7th at Lancaster Motor Park. All in all, we were pleased this year in our first touring season.

We have been asked by many of our fans to come back to Spencer’s.  In 2007 we are planning on returning to Friday night racing at the Spencer Speedway.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wishing all a “Happy New Year”.

September 22, 2006

Last week was the RoC (Race of Champions) at Oswego.  Bobby, Adam & Jess left Thursday morning to take advantage of open practice from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.  That practice was canceled because of rain and re-scheduled for Friday.  With more cars being there on Friday (more cars, less practice time) the practice sessions were not as effective for us had we been able to dial in the car on Thursday.  That was it for our class until Saturday morning.  At that time we were given a short practice session to prepare for our heats starting at 1:00pm.  

There were four heats with ten cars in the first two heats and nine cars in the last two.  All (38) cars will start the race.  The first three finishers in each heat re-draw for their starting position. Bobby finished third in the third heat and drew #11 for his starting position.

Thirty seven cars took the green (one car could not start because of an accident) mid afternoon for their 75 lap feature on the very fast banked 5/8 oval.  We dropped as low as thirteenth and as high as ninth but finished eleventh.  The car just was not handling and Bobby did a great job keeping the car on the track for all 75 laps (first time we finished in four tries) finishing eleventh.

Tonight was suppose to be the US Open at Lancaster Raceway but was canceled because of rain.  This race has been re-scheduled for next Saturday; September 30th but that day is also the Fall Shoot out at WCIS.  We will be attending the Fall Shoot Out at WCIS.

September 10, 2006

Sunday September 3rd was cancelled because of rain.  The Coke Cola 100 was re-scheduled to September 10th.

Today started out with a little rain and cooler temperatures.  As the day progressed the rain had passed and the temperature rose to the high 60’s.  As it turned out, it was a great day for racing.

Fifteen Super Stocks came to WCIS for this 50 lap special.  Two heats were scheduled with the top four in each heat drawing for starting position.  Each driver in their finishing heat race finish, this time the top four, pulls a number from the hat and that is their starting position for the feature.  Bobby pulled sixth and drew number “1”.  Bobby lead for the first thirteen laps and one double file re-start holding off Jay Mudra (#16) that started 3rd right behind him on the start of the race and to his outside on the two double file re-starts.  On the second double file re-start Mudra got around Bobby after three laps of side by side racing.  Bobby stayed on Mudra’s bumper waiting for the time to challenge him for the lead.  The yellow flag flew again on lap thirty-two with eighteen to go.  On this single file re-start Bobby’s throttle stuck open and he had to shut the engine off and coast into the infield.  By the time he was able to find the problem and fix it, he was too many laps down to continue.  By his quick thinking he was able to avoid of what could been a serious result.

This week we leave for Oswego and the RoC (Race of Champions).  Hopefully, Mother Nature shines upon not only us but all the racers. The Super Stock heats are scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Saturday with the 75 lap feature going off at 2:30 p.m.

September 3, 2006

Making our first trip back to Spencer Speedway this year on July 21st, we were all excited.  The car ran great during 1st practice but developed an engine problem in 2nd practice.  At that time we loaded the car back in the trailer and went to the stands and watched the races.

Lake Erie Speedway (LES) on July 30th was our last event.  The temperature was in the 90’s and it was an afternoon event.  This was a SST Tour race with the distance being 50 laps.  We took the checker in the 10 lap heat.  Starting back in the field for the feature, Bobby advanced to 2nd in eleven laps and held on to that position to finish the 50 lap race.  It was a long hot day but well worth it.

Today was the Coca Cola 100 at Wyoming Country International Speedway (WCIS) but Mother Nature had a different agenda then we did, cancelled because of rain.  Next week September 10th is the re-scheduled date for today.

In two weeks we will be at Oswego for the ROC, in three week at Lancaster for the US Open and in four weeks back at WCIS for the Bud Shoot Out.

July 15, 2006

We arrived at Lake Erie Speedway (LES) about 4 pm.  Being the first time at this track we wanted to be a little early.  This way we were able to meet the Race Director, some of the Officials and competitors.  

After going through safety inspection (all tracks do this the 1st time you participate) we went on the track for our first of two practice sessions.  Each session was about eight laps.  This is the time to make adjustments and dial the car to the track.  Normally there are heats races to give you one last chance to dial in the car.  With the threat of rain all heats in all classes were canceled.

With no heats, the line up order was done by drawing numbers.  We pulled the tenth position.  The twenty laps feature went green and on lap three the caution flew with us in 6th.  The green flew for the second time and took spot number four on lap six.  Bobby fought hard for the third spot and got it on lap twelve, only to have the caution fly and that put him back to 4th.  He drove the wheels off the number 15 to recapture that 3rd spot and did it on lap sixteen, only to have the #1 car drive into his left rear corner while going into turn three.  This hit lost the momentum we had and dropped us to fifth.  With three laps left Jr. went after the two cars that had passed him.  He beat the #1 car at the finish by a half of fender to claim fourth.

After post race inspection the winner and third place car were DQ’ed (disqualified).  They were both found to have an illegal engine (to much compression).  This moved us from 4th to 2nd.  We’ll take it and are extremely pleased with the results for our first time at LES.

Friday the 21st we will at Spencer Speedway.

July 14, 2006

It’s 12:40 am and we just finished preparing the car for Lake Erie Speedway in Erie, PA.  We have been to this track a few times but this is the 1st time with the car.  The entire Team is excited about this new adventure.

Next week the 21st of July we will be back at Spencer Speedway.  This will be the 1st time for us this year.

I’ll write about tonight’s results on Saturday.

June 14, 2006

With the rain out on June 3rd at Lancaster we decided to visit WCIS last Sunday.  It was a beautiful day for racing with starting time at 2:30 p.m.

The heat saw eight cars with Bobby starting 8th.  Showing patience and great driving skills he worked his way up to 2nd by the 3rd lap of the eight lap race.  On lap six driving a great battle with Josh Beardsley (#44), Bobby got around him to take the checker.

Feature time saw the same eight cars with Bobby again starting 8th.  Coming through the field Bobby took the lead on lap thirteen passing again Beardsley.  We took the 25 lap checker with Tony Pangrazio (#41) right on our bumper. 

Our next event will be the 1st Super Stock Tour Race.  It will be held at WCIS with start time at 2:30 p.m.  This tour race is one of many scheduled and is a 50 lap event.  Heat finishes will count, as it will determine your starting position in the feature.

Again at the trackside interview not only did he thank our sponsors and crew but dedicated again, this win to his Aunt Sandy. 

May 29, 2006

Sunday was our 1st time out for 2006 and we headed south to Wyoming Country International Speedway (WCIS, Perry, NY).  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and a great day for racing.  The 1st heat of the afternoon went off at 2:30 pm with the Mini Stocks followed by the Street Stocks, Late Models and SST Modifieds.

Bobby started 4th in heat #2 of the Street Stocks and finished 1st.  In the 25 lap feature race we started 8th and Jr. having great patience advanced one position at a time until at lap 14th he took the lead and never looked back.  It was a great day starting out the new season in victory lane.

At the trackside interview not only did he thank our sponsors and crew but dedicated this win plus all other wins in 2006 to his Aunt Sandy.  Sandy Vogler passed away last September after a long fight with cancer.  She loved going to the races and cheering on Bobby and her son Chris.

This coming Saturday at Lancaster Raceway Park the 1st SST Super Stocks series race will run a special 50-lap feature.  Racing starts at 6:30 PM. 

May 11, 2006

Our 6th annual racing party was held on Saturday April 22nd at the American Legion in Webster, NY, with over (75) family, friends and race fans attending.  They started arriving at 6:30 pm with food from Guida’s Pizzeria and friend’s.  The festivities started about 7:00.  We had door prizes and raffle items thanks to our party marketing partners.  You can see them all listed on our web site. The 50/50 was won by Dane Baldwin, making this his 3rd time winning between him and his wife. Music and p.a. announcing was done by Matt (Bones) Lees. 
We would like to give a special thanks to (3) gals who help make our party successful every year; Amy, Betty and Tara.

April 10, 2006

Our 6th annual racing party will be held on Saturday April 22, 2006 at the American Legion, 818 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY.  Doors open at 6:30 pm till close.  Tickets are $10.00 each and can be purchased from Bobby Jr. @ 724-2744, Bob Sr.
 @ 671-7900 daytime, 889-4910 nights & weekends or at the door. Last year we had over 100 people and expect the same this year.  Always a good time with food from Guida’s Pizzeria, refreshments, raffles, door prizes and a 50/50.
Come join us and let’s kick off the 2006 racing season with friends, fellow racers and enjoy the music by Back in Black Entertainment, DJ Bones. 

March 18, 2006

The 2006 racing season is just around the corner.  This year we have decided not to compete on a weekly basis at one track.  Instead, we will be visiting different tracks through-out the season along with competing in the new Super Stock Tour Series.

The Super Stock Tour Series is new this year and been added to the very popular and successful Super Short Track Racing Series (SST).  SST’s are modified race cars that compete not only at their home track but also in special series events.  For more information and scheduling on these series, log into their web site.  

Our 6th annual racing party will be held on Saturday April 22nd.  More details will follow as we finalize the party.  Always a good time had by all.  Keep the date open!

That’s our update for today.

News 2005

November 25, 2005

Thank You!

We have concluded the 2005 racing season with our banquet on November 18th and would like to take this opportunity to again thank our marketing partners and fans. 
Hahn Automotive has been with us since 2002 with the first two years under the Auto Value Parts Stores label and the last two years under AC Delco Nu-Way Auto Parts. Tim’s Trim “the Option Store” joined us in 2002 and Mark’s Garage came with us in 2003. Finger Lakes – Castle & Ron Rigby Photo’s have been associates since 2000 along with Guida’s Pizzeria since 2004.
Our fans are the best anyone could ask for.  Not only were they always there for us but new fans came aboard.  “A big thanks to all of you”.

The Team: Bobby, Bob, Dan, Mark & Patty

April 4, 2005

Last Saturday night we held our 5th annual race party.  Over 115 race fans attended.  We had good food, drinks, prizes & a great band to round off the evening.  The hot item in the raffle that everyone wanted was the 3-M NASCAR clock.  This was the last raffle drawn and was won by Darlene Lavilla.

The team thanks all the people that contributed to the success of the party. They are listed on our web site in recognition for their help.

Here is a quick update on where we stand.  Yesterday, we brought the car over to Hoss’s studio for the paint to be applied.  I still do not know the paint scheme but only that it will be the same colors as 2004, black & blue.  The trunk no one will know until it is finish and Dave brings it over to the house.  For those who do not know about the trunk, here is the history.  Since 1999 Dave (Hoss) has painted the trunk with a different design but keeping the same theme.  When the season is over the trunk is his and he hang’s it in his garage, along side of previous year’s trunks.  In the near future I’ll post a picture of the wall of trunks. Let's see who can name the theme!

That’s our quick update for today.

March 3, 2005

We will be having our annual race party on April 2nd at the American Legion in Webster, NY.  For more information call; 889-4910 anytime or 458-4540 ext. 107 Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Again  the Joenz will be playing along with food, drinks, raffles, door prizes and a great time for all.

The car is almost ready for paint and the engine and transmission are almost ready to be dropped in.  Bobby has worked very hard this off season to put the #15 back in the winners circle.

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