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September 4, 2016: NYSS News update:

Sharpsteen claims NYSS final race at Chemung

By Colleen D’Hondt

    The NYSS ran their final points race at Chemung Speedrome on September 4th in the Gary Marshall Memorial 50 lap event. The race would prove to be one of the most exciting of the season! A new point champion would celebrate his season and a local southern tier racer would celebrate the win.
    A strong field of 27 super stocks would compete in 4 heat races to advance to the 50 lap main event. Heat race winners were Tim Gullo, Terry Potrzebowski, Chris Vogler and Steve Schultz. The top 3 finishers from each heat participated in the redraw with Brian Wozniak pulling the chip to start on the pole.
    The race would slow on several occasions for minor spin outs and cars breaking down on the track. There were many exciting passes throughout the race as drivers drove hard to improve their position. Pole sitter Brian Wozniak led the first 20 laps until Charlie Sharpsteen moved past him to claim the top spot. Sharpsteen led until lap 40 when fellow southern tier native Mike Nichols passed him for the lead. The checkers flew for Nichols with Sharpsteen following him across the line. Post race inspection would disallow Nichols’s win and Sharpsteen would wave the checkered with jubilation!
    Rounding out the top 10 were Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr., Steve Schultz, Bill Frisbee Jr., Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler, Steve Pesarek, Scott Adams, Frank Chapman and Brian Wozniak.
Mitchell Wright from Henrietta, NY celebrated 2 crowns: NYSS points champion and Triple Crown Champion.      
    The 3 tracks making up the Triple Crown series were Chemung, Spencer and Lancaster. Wright would finish with a high of 157 points for the 3 races edging Chris Vogler by 8 points in that special tri-track series.

August 19, 2016: NYSS News update:

Coyle Wins Prestigious Dave London Memorial @ Spencer Speedway

​By Colleen D’Hondt

    The New York Super Stocks series presented the Dave London Memorial 50 lap race at Spencer Speedway this past Friday night. A stellar field of 41 cars attempted to make the race which was paying out over $10,000 in purse, lap and bonus money. Promoted solely by social media and word of mouth, this race has become the premier race for Super Stocks in the Northeast.
    The 5 heat races were won by Todd Blair, Josh Schoonmaker, Billy Coyle, Steve Schultz and Tim Gullo. The amount of cars required 2 consis to be held to complete the field. Joe Mancuso and Nate Peckham were the winners of the 2 consis. Series regulars Zach Willis and Matt Larrivee used their provisionals to round out the 26 car starting field. After the top 10 finishers from the heats participated in the re-draw, the feature started with Billy Coyle and Tim Gullo on the front row.
    A total of 12 cautions would slow the pace of the race. Tommy Catalano, Willie Strusz and Shaun Frarey all took a turn at spinning their cars and brought out the first 3 cautions before lap 9. Laps 12-20 saw a total of 4 more cautions for Schultz’s stalled car, a hood lying in the middle of the frontstretch and Scott Wylie, Josh Schoonmaker, Frarey and Mancuso spinning. A solid stretch of green flag racing took place from laps 22-35.
    Tim Gullo had been leading from the drop of the green and never gave way to the challenges put on him by Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. and Bill Frisbie Jr. Through all the restarts he maintained the lead and picked up $500 bonus money for leading at the halfway point. Lap 41 saw Gullo’s night come to an end as something went amiss in his motor and Frisbie Jr. sailed past him. Frisbee would only lead until the fourth turn as his motor blew coming down the front stretch causing a wreck between him and Steffenhagen. At this point the race had to be red-flagged so the safety crew could clean up all the fluids.
    When the race resumed on lap 41, Terry Cheetham was in the lead and he held that position until lap 47 when Coyle got past him. Coyle took the checkers followed by Cheetham, Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler and Willie Strusz.
Billy Coyle was ecstatic about the biggest win of his career. The driver who hails from Mecklenburg, NY has been racing in this division since the year 2000. In 2015 he joined the NY Super Stock series on a limited basis. This year he committed to running the entire series using the same race car since 2011. With his wife, parents, brother and sister as his biggest supporters, he made it clear that he wouldn’t be able to win without all their support. He also credits his sponsors for standing behind him – Midstate Basement, Finger Lakes Beverage, Stone Age BBQ, Pike’s Engine Machine Shop and Scott Coyle Racing Engines.

    Finishers in 6th through 10th were Jay Mudra, Steve Schultz, Nate Peckham, Tommy Catalano and Steve Pesarek.  

NY SuperStock will conclude its 2016 Series @ Chemung Speedrome on Sunday September 5th.

August 5, 2016: NYSS News update:

Win #3 for Steffenhagen Jr.

By Colleen D’Hondt

    The NYSS invaded Spencer Speedway on August 5th with another strong field of cars. At the end of the 25 lap feature Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. was in victory lane for the 3rd time this season.
    Super stock veteran driver Jim Harter returned to competition for the first time in many years and made it known that he hasn’t lost his winning ways as he collected the checkered flag in the first heat. Tom Barron and Bill Frisbie Jr. were winners of the other heat races.
    When the green flag flew to start the feature, all 23 drivers were on the gas. The pace of the race was slowed by 5 cautions for minor spin outs and track clean-up. Steffenhagen Jr. took the lead on lap 1 from his outside pole position starting spot and never looked back. The racing behind him was fast and furious as the drivers rode side by side and made some very exciting passes. Following Steffenhagen Jr. across the finish line were Nate Peckham, Mitchell Wright, Tom Barron, Billy Coyle, Tim Gullo, Chris Vogler, Terry Cheetham, Kevin Timmerman and Timmy Catalano.
    In his victory lane interview, Steffenhagen Jr. thanked his sponsors. He also gave a shout out to C & D Automotive for their sponsorship of the race. Like most drivers today, their families are the heart of their teams. Jimmy gave special thanks to his wife, young sons, his dad and Debby. 

July 22, 2016: NYSS News update:

Wright Wins NYSS at Spencer Speedway

By Colleen D’Hondt

    Defending series champion Tim Gullo was a man on a mission at Spencer Speedway on July 22nd. The series has been very competitive this year and he has been caught up in some wrecks. Determined to turn his luck around, he won his heat and then led all 25 laps of the feature. But the trophy and first place bragging rights ended up going to Mitchell Wright from Henrietta, NY. The post- race inspection determined that the heads on the Gullo machine didn’t follow the rule book.
    Mitchell Wright has been a bridesmaid several times this year. His car always runs good and he knows how to make it handle at every track where he has competed. Mitchell’s family are his biggest supporters with brother Mason and father Sonny turning the wrenches. They are a team that helps any other team when necessary and they truly enjoy the competition in the New York Super Stock series.
    There were a total of 26 cars on hand to qualify for the race. Race promoter Bobby Lippa Jr. decided to pitch in the money for the last 2 starting positions so that all cars could take the green flag for the 25 lap feature. The first 14 laps showed side by side racing throughout the field. A horrific crash happened on the frontstretch at the end of lap 14 that involved series regulars Mark Ramsey, Jimmy Steffenhagen and Kevin Ide. Something broke on Ramsey’s car just as Steffenhagen was attempting to lap him. Steffenhagen’s car got airborne and landed hard on the track. Ide drove his car directly to the pits. Ramsey’s car was destroyed. No drivers were injured and the red flag was displayed for the track to be cleaned up.
    On the restart, Brandon Larner’s car stopped going down the backstretch to bring out the caution one more time.
    The race went green the rest of the way. There were many laps of side by side racing throughout the field and great passes in the outside groove. Everyone was talking about Brianna Dinzler who was up to 4th place. She was hit in the rearend when the caution flew and this loosened her car up. She finished a respectable 8th with an ill handling car. The top ten were Wright, Billy Coyle, Bill Frisbie Jr, Terry Cheetham, Willie Strusz, Chris Vogler, Nate Peckham, Brianna Dinzler, Steve Pesarek and Timmy Catalano.
    The next race for the series is August 5th at Spencer Speedway.

Steffenhagen Owns NYSS Weekend

By Colleen D’Hondt

    The NY Super Stocks touring series held their first back to back races and Jimmy Steffenhagen showed the competition why he is a contender for the championship. He had his #131 set up perfectly at Spencer Speedway on June 24 and Lancaster Speedway on June 25 to top the rest of the stellar field of cars on both nights.
    The 4 heat races for the 28 cars at Spencer were won by Zach Willis, Mitchell Wright, Willie Strusz and Jimmy Steffenhagen. The 25 lap feature didn’t get off to a good start as Robert Fink spun through the grass down the backstretch. On the next attempt to go green a major crash on the frontstretch brought out the red flag before a lap could be completed. The heavily damaged cars of Terry Cheetham and Jason Dinzler were unable to restart. There would be 4 more cautions during the 25 lap feature for minor spin outs. Caution was shown on the very last lap as Kelly Wilson’s #0 caught on fire going down the backstretch. The Spencer safety crew quickly responded to extinguish the fire and Wilson didn’t suffer any injuries.
    The green-white-checker finish belonged to Steffenhagen who had taken the lead on lap 15 from Mitchell Wright who came home in second. Rounding out the top 10 were Bill Frisbie Jr., Billy Coyle, Willie Strusz, Brian Wozniak, Tim Gullo, Zach Willis, Chris Vogler and Tommy Barron.
    The 50 lap race at Lancaster was a non-points race for the series. The 3 heat winners in the 21 car field were Jake Wylie, Mitchell Wright and Bill Frisbie Jr. The competition between the drivers is fierce and mayhem once again ensued at feature time. A major crash involving 1/3 of the field occurred on the backstretch of the first lap. The red flag was displayed and the safety crew at Lancaster had the task of cleaning up the melee. Bill Frisbie Jr. rode the wall and suffered heavy damage to his car. Defending series champion Tim Gullo also suffered extreme damage and wouldn’t return to the track. Bobby Schosek and Rob Miszczak were towed off the track and went straight to their trailers.
    When racing resumed the field took the green flag in single file. Jake Wylie took the early lead followed by Mitchell Wright. A couple of minor cautions happened for spin outs. On the lap 10 restart, Steffenhagen and Wright passed Wylie who would pull off the track with a motor problem. From that point forward, the 2 lead cars pulled away from the rest of the pack. They put on a very competitive show for the fans and the result was the same as Friday. Steffenhagen and Wright topped off the weekend with a 1-2 punch both nights. Completing the top 10 were Steve Pesarek, Brian Wozniak, Chris Vogler, Jay Mudra, Tommy Barron, Billy Coyle, Zach Willis and Josh Hunter.
    The non series race is July 1 at Adirondack International Speedway followed by July 8 at Spencer Speedway Sponsored by Aratari Auto Finishers. Come out and watch these cars put on some great racing!

​June 24, 2016: NYSS News update:

    The 25-lap New York Super Stock race proved to be a handful, as numerous cautions slowed the event. Twenty-three cars started the race. Following an aborted start which saw Robert Fink spin in the third turn, the race began. As the field completed the first lap a multi-car accident, on the front stretch, brought out the yellow flag.
    Once underway Bill Frisbee took the lead followed by Billy Coyle. The race was on but two additional yellows slowed the pace on laps four and five. Frisbee now found Jim Steffenhagen Jr. on his tail with Mitchell Wright in third.
    Yellow flag fever again broke out on lap 11 when Kevin Ide spun for the second time in turn four, just as Steffenhagen passed Frisbee for the lead. As the lap was not completed, Frisbee was again placed in first for the restart. Steffenhagen quickly re-established his lead as Wright took second from Frisbee on a lap 15 restart following another yellow.
    With one lap remaining the yellow flew for the sixth time as Kelly Miller’s number 0 burst into flames going down the backstretch. Miller immediately jumped to safety as crews put out the blaze.
    This set up a green-white-checker finish. Steffenhagen was up to the task and took the win followed by Wright, Frisbee, Coyle and Willie Strusz.
    “This is unbelievable” stated and extremely elated Steffenhagen. “We had trouble even starting this car earlier today.”

June 10, 2016: NYSS News update:

    The much anticipated 30-lap New York Super Stock series event, the second on their 2016 schedule, lived up to its hype. And this one proved the old theory about home track advantage. The two heat races went to Tim Gullo, Chemung's 2014 track champion, and Nick Robinson, who was coming off a hat trick of wins this year. Luck of the draw set the field, but talent in the car determined the key players in this one. Gullo took the lead and Robinson was right with him, not only in the early going but throughout the event. Chris Vogler and Jim Steffenhagen waged a great battle for third, while Mitchell Wright was working the traffic and advancing forward. With Gullo and Robinson gunning for the lead, Vogler and Steffenhagen for third, it was a clear battle of Chemung drivers versus Spencer Speedway regulars. Wright, whose car really came in as the laps clicked off, got around Vogler and was still on the move when time ran out. Gullo, from Elmira, NY sailed across the finish line for his first NYSS win this year followed by Robinson, Steffenhagen, Wright and Vogler.

The top ten finishers:
#71 Tim Gullo, #15X Nick Robinson, #131 Jim Steffenhagen Jr., #25 Mitchell Wright,
#15 Chris Vogler, #51 Steve Pesarek, #41 Frank Chapman, #78 Robert Fink,
#94C Billy Colye, #2 Bill Frisbie Jr.

June 3, 2016: NYSS News update:

Frisbee Wins First NY Super Stocks Race of 2016

By Colleen D’Hondt

    Mother Nature was finally smiling on the NY Super Stock series as the first race of the season was run at Spencer Speedway on June 3rd. The first 2 shows for the traveling series were rained out and the drivers have been eager to race. A full field of 26 cars were on hand to put on a great show to the large crowd.
    Heat races were 8 laps and the winners were Nate Peckham, Jason Dinzler and Mitchell Wright. A consi was run to determine the final order for the starting line-up with last year’s point champion,Tim Gullo, taking the checkered.
    The 25 lap feature got off to a rough start as there were 2 major accidents before lap 1 was completed. Several cars were eliminated from competition. When the race resumed after a 20 minute red flag, the drivers showed the fans what a competitive series this is. There was a lot of passing and side by side racing throughout the event. Bill Frisbee grabbed the lead from his outside pole starting position and led all 25 laps to claim victory. It wasn’t an easy victory as he had to fend off challenges from several competitors including Nate Peckham, Mitchell Wright and Chris Vogler throughout the race.
    Frisbie was ecstatic in his victory lane interview and made it clear that he has his eye on winning the NY Super Stocks point championship for 2016.

The top ten finishers:
#2 Bill Frisbee, #15 Chris Vogler, #71 Tim Gullo #8 Chris Finocchiaro, #51 Steve Pesarek, #54 Timmy Catalano, #33 Brianna Dinzler, #25 Mitchell Wright, #22 Will Strusz,
#38 Shaun Frarey

May 18, 2016: NYSS News Update:

    I know the weather hasn’t been onboard with the NYSS Series but the tracks, fans, and race teams are. So here is the deal. 

- Friday June 10th, 30 Laps at Chemung Speedrome. This is to make up the May 1st race. 

    So now lets talk about Lancaster. Working with Tim from Lancaster and trying to find a date that fits in the schedule we came up with something. Now before I tell you pay attention here. NYSS has a 25 lap race Friday June 24th at Spencer. So the Lancaster Rain date was kinda close to this date. We decided to put this decision into the drivers hands. I called for a vote form last years top ten in points. The drivers responded.
- Triple Track Race #1, Lancaster National Speedway, Saturday June 25th, 50 Laps, $1000 to win
Two races back to back nights, Old School! 

2016 NYSS June Schedule:

Friday June 3rd, Spencer Speedway, James Ford Night, NYSS Race #1, 25 Laps, $700 to win

Friday June 10th, Midstate Basement Authorities Inc. Presents 30 Laps at Chemung Speedrome, NYSS Race #2, $500 to win

Friday June 24th, Spencer Speedway, Lazzaro Engine Performance Night, NYSS Race #3, 25 Laps, $500 to win

Saturday June 25th, Triple Track Race #1, NYSS Race #4, Lancaster National Speedway, 50 Laps, $1000 to win, FA Products Wholesale Engine Parts Presents “the Flip Side 50”

​May 16, 2016

NY SuperStock Race #1 Friday June 3rd @ Spencer Speedway

    With the crazy NY weather. We have cancelled our first two races. The May 1st race was postponed to May 27th. But with with the modified schedule, the date was moved this past weekend from May 27th to May 28th. This date change conflicted with my NYSS team and multiple race teams. We are working with Chemung to find a make up date. I know many fans and race teams are looking forward to NYSS racing at the drome. Rain outs are harder than ever with everyones busy schedule (work, kids, family). We are also working on a make up day for Lancaster. Saturdays are hard for the series with a couple of our drivers race at Canandaigua and a bunch race at Adirondack. As soon as we can get the dates together I will post them. So that makes Spencer Speedway June 3rd our first race. See every one there.

January 17, 2016 - by Laurie Hixson

The 2nd. Annual New York Super Stock awards banquet was held Saturday January 16th at the Fairport VFW with over 80 fans, drivers, and crew members in attendance. 
The remaining top 10 in points received recognition and hardware as well. They were 2nd place Chris Vogler, 3rd went to Bill Frisbie Jr, Jason Dinzler was 4th and Mitchell Wright rounded out the top 5. Willie Strusz finished 6th in the seasons points battle with Dale Lazzaro 7th, Nate Peckham 8th, Steve Malin 9th and Gary Noe 10th. 
The series sponsors have come on board again for 2016. A big thank you to them JG Autowerks, FA products & North Coast Performance, C & D Automotive, James Ford of Williamson, Vision Auto Group, Lazzaro Performance, Moonshine Madness, Bap race engines, Jody London for the Dave London Memorial race and Ray Marshall for the Gary Marshall Memorial race. 
Good Times DJ and Karaoke played til the wee hours for dancing and karaoke enjoyment. 
The first race of 2016 for the New York Super Stocks is scheduled for Sunday May 1st at the Chemung Speedway. The remaining schedule can be found on the NY Super Stocks facebook page or on Bobby Lippa Racing website. 

2015 News...

September 6, 2015

The NY SuperStock 2015 (8) Race Season Has Concluded with

Tim Gullo as Series Champion......

Congratulations to Tim & His Crew for winning (4) of the (8) races this year.

•There will be a NY SuperStock meeting October 17th @ Lazzaro's Performace 1712 State Route 104 Ontario, NY 14519. Time to be announced.

•Our banquet will be January 16, 2016 @ the V.F.W Fairport, NY. Details to follow.

We also want to thank the following....

•Vision Automotive Group & PiehlerVision Buick GMC

•Ray Marshall for the "Gary Marshall Memorial"

•James Ford - Williamson, NY 

•Lazzaro Performance - Ontario, NY

•FA Products - Wholesale Engine & Performance Parts

•Northcoast Performance - Mustang & Ford Performance Parts

•Jody London for the "Dave London Memorial"

•C&D Automotive - Ontario, NY

2014 News...

January 12, 2014

2014 NY Super Stocks – Rule updates

We had our meeting last weekend and we all covered many different topics.  

Here are the rules changes/amendments:

1.)   If your engine is a true 9.0 to 1 compression or less, with Chevy 76cc smog heads you are allowed the Edelbrock 7101 Performer RPM Chevy Intake Manifold.  This rule is to help the old Spencer Street Stocks, Lancaster Street Stocks, and similar engines to run against the bigger engines. 

2.)   The Ford engines are allowed the Edelbrock Performer as listed in the 2014 NYSS rules plus after discussion and research we will allow the Edelbrock 7181 for the 351W & 7183 for the 351C, also allowed is the Ford #M 9424 C358.

3.)   Engine blocks must be stock production. Crank shafts must be stock stroke for the block.  Rod and main bearings must be stock size (will allow up to.050 for clean up).

4.)   Chevy Vortec Head engines must add 50lbs (3200 total)

5.)   Over competitive cars maybe penalized by the NYSS Committee with weight (rear%, left %, or total) 

6.)   If your car does not meet the NYSS rules send a email of what doesn’t fit, include part #s and any details we may need to know of your car.  We will present this to our committee and let you know what weight penalties we may give you.  We are not looking to let Late Models race, we want street/super stocks that are sitting around to get back on the track.  

7.)   We do have a protest rule.  The protest must be discussed & submitted to the NYSS race director prior to the feature starting.  Must be written of what you specifically want checked.  The protesters car and protestees car will both be checked.  During inspection tech has the right to visually check anything else in that area.  The fee is $100.00 non-refundable.  The protest cost is $250.00 (if found legal the car being protested gets the $250, if car is illegal the protester gets the $250 back).

2013 News...

August 4, 2013

Updated rules for NY Super Stocks.  Click on the #15 Super Stock on the home page for details.

July 13, 2013

Spencer Planning A Special Weekend Of Racing  by Gary M. Spaid

Fans and racers should mark their calendars for the weekend of auto racing, July 26 and 27 on asphalt at Spencer Speedway.

“We have just lost too many NASCAR races to the weather and we need to make up a few,” commented track owner John White. 

On Friday, July 26, the NASCAR racers take to the fast half mile starting at 7:30 p.m. Featured on the race card that evening are Twin-20 lappers for the Sunoco Modifieds. Rounding out the program will be the Super Sixes, Auto Value Scorpions and the INEX Legend cars. Double points will be up for grabs in the Super Six division.

Also scheduled for that evening is an appearance by the Atlantic Coast Old-timers. This group features old time sprint, midget and champ cars. Each year they put on a dynamic demonstration as to what racing used to be like.

The evening starts off, around 7 p.m. , on Friday, July 26, with 2013 Round Two of the popular Kid’s Bicycle races. All kids participating need to check in by 6:45 p.m. as to be placed in the correct age category. They also need to provide their own helmets.

Then on Saturday, July 27, the speedway has cancelled their weekly drag racing and is running a second night of NASCAR racing. On tap is the twice rained out Twin special for the Sunoco Modifieds. That division will qualify and run a 35 lap feature followed by a 40-lap double point feature. In between the Super Sixes, Auto Value Scorpions and a special non-point INEX Legend event will also be staged. Race time on Saturday, July 27, starts at 7 p.m. sharp.

 Also remember there is no NASCAR racing at Spencer on Friday, July 19, as the RoC is racing at Oswego Speedway that weekend.

Fans attending Spencer on July 12 are encouraged to keep their ticket stub, as it can be turned in on Friday, July 26 for $2 off the general admission price. Likewise, the ticket stub from July 26th, can be used for $2 off the Saturday, July 27th admission price.

Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester , NY , along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2013. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

2013 New York Super Stock News

In 2012 we held two NYSS races at Spencer Speedway.  The first race was a 25 lap race on June 8th with the ROC Mods.  We had 16 cars on hand that night.  What a show for the fans.  Next was The 50 lap Fall Open on September 29th.  We had 23 super stocks that night.  Both races had additional money collected from friends and company's that support super/street stock racing.  The rule book has been updated to keep racing fair and the cars from different tracks able to race without big changes.  All local track 8" pavement tires will be allowed.  If your track tire is not on the list please call me so we can check it out.  The Big 10 Series is a separte series.  The rules are very close other than the tires.  We will work with Joe to not run these races aggainst each other.  We will have 2 to 3 races under our rules and format.  There will be a pre-tech to make sure every car has a chance to win.  There will also be post tech on the top three cars after the race.  The two tech officals will work for the NYSS Series.  Thank you to all the car owners, drivers, fans, and sponsers that supported us last year.      

Spencer Speedway 2013

December 12, 2012

I talked to Chuck at Spencer Speedway today.  We have the ok on a race at Spencer.  The date is not set yet.  It is NYSS rules and NYSS tech.  We are working on the purse.  The rules need to be out so cars can get prepared for the season.  The race is going to be 51 laps.  We have been working with Chuck on this for a couple of months.  It will be a great race.  Any questions call or text me.  Bobby Lippa 585-943-4587

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