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Sunoco New York Super Stocks Awards Banquet 
By Shylo Fuchs 

The Sunoco NYSS Banquet was held Saturday evening at the Webster Golf Club. The evening started with its annual Rules and Registration meeting. There were a lot of important issues discussed including the new tentative schedule for 2019, rule changes for the New Year and changes that will be taking effect in order to better the series. 

Raffles were being given out left and right before and after the buffet dinner was served. Among the prizes were Castle product sets, Sunoco Race Fuel jugs and a MYLAPS transponder with 1 year MYLAPS subscription. Scott Wylie was the winner of the transponder and there were several other repeat winners.  

Even with the impending snow storm there was an excellent turn out with only 7 people not being able to attend.  

Chris Vogler started the banquet out with a very special award for Don Toal who had been active at Spencer Speedway since 1969. He started at the track as the pace car driver with racers like Richie Evans, then began doing interviews of drivers after the races and most recently moved into the tower to run the scoreboard up until the middle of the season this past year. He was brought up front with a standing ovation to receive a plaque of recognition for his 50 years of dedication to racing at Spencer Speedway.  

Jay Trainer took to the mike to remind everyone in attendance of some of the highlights from this season. Averaging 25 cars per race and visiting tracks all across New York and even traveling into Pennsylvania. Running a total of 13 races with 7 different winners.  

Series sponsors included Midstate Basement Authorities, F/A Products, Aratari Auto Color, Rapid Express (Shawn & Becky), Lazzaro Performance (Kevin & Kristina), Computers by JD (Josh & Donna), Big Time Service (Lee Hicks), C & D Automotive (Dean Demaree) and Tom Burns.  

Thanks was also given to Jody London for his work bringing us the Dave London Memorial, Ray Marshall for the Gary Marshall Memorial, Dale Shoemaker for Sleepy’s Shootout and Chris Vogler for the Sandra Vogler Memorial Race. 

Series Rookie of the Year was Steve Vassey’s #17 driven by Amber VanOrden. 

Tenth place went to #64 Scott Dinzler, ninth place was #84 Josh Schoonmaker, eighth place went to the #8 of Chris Finocchario, 7th place was #17 Amber VanOrden, sixth place #90 Nate Peckham.  

As an aside Bobby took to over the microphone to show off the contents of a box that mysteriously showed up at his house full of bumper stickers that say “It’s Jason’s fault” and “Dinzler did it” a long running joke for the series. A good laugh was had by all and then Jay continued to award fifth place to Jason Dinzler.  

The #38 of Shawn Frarey was given third place and was left speechless. Second place was given to #25 Joel Gleason he expressed thanks to his team and said that he learned a lot this year.  

Nick Robinson with his #15 would come out on top of the New York Super Stocks series for the 2018 season. Nick would thank his father, his crew, his sponsors, Pudgies Pizza and Five Acres Tavern, and Monica his fiancé. Nick also expressed thanks to the series for having a great series to run with.  

The evening was concluded with music, good camaraderie and the conclusion of the raffles.  

Sunoco New York Super Stocks Tentative Schedule 2019 

-Saturday June 8th Oswego 30 Laps 
-Friday June 21st Chemung 50 Laps Gary Marshall Memorial  
-Saturday July 13th Evans Mills 50 Laps 
-Saturday August 3rd Hillside 50 Laps 
-Friday August 16th Chemung 30 Laps 
-Friday August 30th Oswego 50 Laps Dave London Memorial  
-Saturday September 21st Adirondack 50 Lap Cream Cheese Festival weekend 
- Saturday October 5th WCIS 50 Laps Sandra Vogler Memorial  

Dates and times are subject to change. 

Scott Wylie Wins Sandra Vogler Memorial 51 Lapper at the Bullring
By Shylo Fuchs

October 13, 2018
On a frigid October afternoon the Sunoco New York Superstocks by Insinger Performance would set out for a 51 lap memorial race at Wyoming County International Speedway.

In true NYSS fashion a full field of cars would take the green for an eventful race through to the checkered. Several cautions would plague the field within the first few laps causing restarts but, the #38 of Shaun Frarey would pull out in front each and every time.  

On lap 9 caution would fly for a squirmish caused by the leaders pulling through lap traffic. Scott Wylie in his slick looking #98 ride would be working his way to the front from his 8th place starting position. After this caution Wylie would be in the 2nd place starting spot and he would restart with every intention of taking the top spot from Shaun Frarey. Two laps later he would do just that.

Lap 38 would cause the biggest issue in this race with 3 yellows and a red flag. The #15 of Nick Robinson and the #25 of Joel Gleason would make contact and be sent to the rear of the field during the first caution. Then on the restart attempt the #51 of Chris Vogler and the #34 of Charlie Sharpsteen would be sent tail for the #51 being helped around in between turns one and two. 

On the second to last attempt at a restart the #15 of Nick Robinson would turn the #40 of Jason Dinzler in front of the field causing a huge pile up of cars including the #34 of Sharpsteen, the #46 of Cole Hicks, the #5 of Sam Rotunda and the #47 of Eric Harstreiter. There would be a lengthy red flag for clean up and racing would resume with the same #98 of Wylie and #38 of Frarey on the front row again.

Frarey would lead one lap before Wylie would overtake him again. We would complete 3 laps and the red flag would have to fly again for the #17 of Amber VanOrden and the #25 of Joel Gleason who would get airborne after coming in contact with VanOrden and landing head on into the turn one wall. Gleason would walk away from his wrecked machine and VanOrden would be able to continue and finish the final 9 laps of the race.

Scott Wylie would bring home the win of the 51 lap Sandra Vogler Memorial Race. Shaun Frarey would come home second and the #7 of Josh Hunter would round out the top 3.  

Congratulations also goes to Nick Robinson for his 2018 Sunoco NYSS Championship & Amber Van Orden Sunoco NYSS 2018 Rookie of the year. 

Feature Finish: #98 Scott Wylie, #38 Shaun Frarey, #7 Josh Hunter, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #68 Scott Adams, #75 Zach Willis, #15 Nick Robinson, #48 Eric Brown, #40 Jason Dinzler, #17 Amber VanOrden, #90 Nate Peckham, #76 Jim House, #85 Brian Wozniak, #12 Matt Larrivee, #47 Eric Harstreiter, #09 Andy Kryan, #25 Joel Gleason, #34 Charlie Sharpsteen, #46 Cole Hicks, #5 Sam Rotunda, #51 Chris Vogler, #87 Mike Hyman, #61 Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr., #0 Cody Frantz, #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #37 Zach Petrie
Failed to Qualify: #2 Joe Fetzer, #04 JP Harbst, #88 Steve Perez, #71 Eric Hadley, #6 Griffin Miller

Consi: #40 Jason Dinzler

Heat Winners#91 Dylan Bancroft, #15 Nick Robinson, #98 Scott Wylie,
#25 Joel Gleason

Last Lap Pass for Wozniak to Take the Win at Sleepy’s Shootout at the Green
By Shylo Fuchs

September 16, 2018
23 cars would make the trip to Evergreen Raceway Park for the Sunoco New York Super Stocks presented by Insinger Performance tour Race.

Jason Dinzler and Frank Petroski led the field to the green for 75 laps of action packed racing. Lap one would bring the first yellow as the 90 of Nate Peckham and the 51 of Mike Pollack would make contact resulting in the 51 sitting the wrong way on a one way street. Dinzler would beat Petroski to turn one and grab the lead. Dinzler would lead the first 11 circuits until the 25 of Joel Gleason would take over the top spot on lap 12. Caution would fly on lap 14 when the 39 of Jim Lamoreaux made contact with the 23 of Robert Fink sending him around collecting the 85 of Brian Wozniak.

Gleason would continue to lead on the restart as the 68 of Scott Adams would work his way to second from his 7th place starting position. Adams would apply pressure to the Gleason machine for the next 14 laps before the caution would fly once again. The 75 of Zach Willis would get crossed up after contact with the 21 of John Bennett.

Scott Adams would grab the lead away on the lap 32 restart and set sail for what appeared to be a sure win. With the 15 of Nick Robinson trying to run the 68 down lapped traffic would play a role in the race. Contact would be made between a lapped car and the leader just as the yellow would fly on lap 70 for Bill Frisbie getting turned around in turn one. This contact would send the 68 pit side with a left front flat tire. Robinson would also have to pit for a flat tire as well.

This placed Joel Gleason and his #25 back in the top spot for the remaining 5 laps. Gleason would hold the lead until the final lap. Brian Wozniak made his move for the top spot. Gleason would slide up in the third turn allowing Wozniak to get away sand left the bottom of the track open for the 51 of Pollack, 23 of Fink and the 75 of Willis.

Wozniak would cross the line first followed by Pollack, Fink, Willis and Gleason would round out the top 5.

Special Thanks to Dale “Sleepy” Shoemaker for putting the show together for the New York Super Stocks to visit Evergreen Raceway for the second year in a row.

Next race: October 14th, 2018 at Wyoming County International Speedway in Perry NY for the Sandra Vogler Memorial.

Feature Finish: #85 Wozniak, #51 Pollack, #23 Fink, #75 Willis, #25 Gleason,
#90 Peckham, #42 Halecki, #8 Petroski, #21 Bennett, #38 Frarey, #68 Adams, #40 J. Dinzler, #29 Frisbie, #17 VanOrden, #15 Robinson, #13 Higgins, #3 Underwood, #39 Lamoreaux, #77 Helt, #37 Petrie, #64 S. Dinzler, #12 Larrivee, #34 Sharpsteen (DNS)

Heat Winners: #68 Adams, #13 Higgins, #15 Robinson

Additional Awards:
Hard Charger: Sponsored By Mark Spencer and ABC Auto PartsH Hard Luck: Dan Cascioli and Cascioli Racing
Fastest Lap: Wheels Bar and Grill- Dale and Cindy Fey
Long Haul: Evergreen Raceway Kitchen Mgmt, Kevin and April Makarewicz

Sunoco NYSS Race #11 "50 Lap" Gary Marshall Memorial & Midstate Basement Authorities @ Chemung Speedrome
By Shylo Fuchs

September 3, 2018
Nick Robinson #15 Takes Home Gary Marshall Memorial/Midstate Basement Authorities Race at Chemung Speedrome.

What better way to spend Labor Day weekend than at the race track?? Sunday afternoon in the blistering heat there were 26 New York Super Stocks ready to race 50 laps at the Chemung Speedrome.

The feature field set by qualifying heats and redraw of the top 12 cars would be led to the green by the #15 of Nick Robinson and the #17 of Amber VanOrden. Robinson would take the early lead and VanOrden would settle into second place until the #73 of Jason Duke would take over the position on lap 5.

Caution would fly for the first time on lap 6 for the #04 of JP Harbst who had a little help getting spun around in turn 2. The field would regather and complete one lap before the #04 would spin again causing a second caution on lap 7.

Robinson would continue to lead maneuvering his way around the track like a pro. Lap 11 caution would fly for an accident in turn 4 that had started when the #23 of Mark Shipman had been helped around in front of the back half of the field causing him to collect several of his fellow competitors including the #3 of Ron Underwood, the #04 of Harbst, the #64 of Scott Dinzler and the #77 of Jim Helt. Helt would return to the field without losing any laps but the others would remain in the pits trying to repair damage they had sustained.

Several green flag laps would be put into the books before caution would again fly on lap 18. The #25 of Joel Gleason and the #71 of Aric Hadley would find themselves in the grass inside turn 2 after they had come together while racing through the turn.

After the white flag had been shown to the field and they were rounding through turn 3 coming to green the #3 car of Ron Underwood would be released from the pits in front of the field causing a second caution on lap 18 after a wrench had been tossed from his ride into the racing groove between turns 1 and 2.

Two laps later another caution would fly for the #77 of Jim Helt and the #25 of Joel Gleason who had come together hard in turn 3 damaging both rides and ending Helts afternoon. Gleason would return after heading pit side to have the car checked out by his crew.

Robinson would stand strong through caution after caution and get the drop on anyone who tried to give him a challenge on the restarts. Laps 20 through 42 he would lead through lapped traffic, out racing the field until the #34 of Charlie Sharpsteen would take the lead from him on lap 42.

Sharpsteen would lead laps 43 through 50 and Robinson would finish in the runner-up position on the track however during post race tech inspection Sharpsteen would refuse to pull his motor and the win would be awarded to Robinson later in the day. Robinson & Lamearux both removed the oil pans for crankshaft inspection. After inspection Robinson gets the win and $2,000.00.  Lamearux walks away with $1,000.00 for second. 

Thanks go out to Ray and Carol Marshall for putting together this afternoon event at the Drome, working tirelessly to get extra bonuses and payout for these guys as well as having 30 children’s bikes on hand to be given away to kids in the crowd. Next up will be Sleepy’s Shoot Out, 75 lap event at Evergreen Raceway in Drums, Pennsylvania on Saturday September 15th. Heats starting at 4:00 pm.

Thank you to all the race sponsors that made this possible:

Midstate Basement Authorities, FNR Racing, Original Italian Pizza, Buckley’s Automotive, Buckley’s Discount Tire, Marshall Family's, Bobby Osgood Auto Sales, Greg’s Auto Body, Dave Osgood Auto Sales, Rick Curren Auto Sales, Cedar Flea Market, Scott Clemens, Specialty Fitters Inc., Wilbur Auto Sales, Nu-way Auto Parts

Sunoco New York Super Stocks Feature Finish: #15 Robinson, #39 Lamearux, #29 Frisbie, #73 Duke Sr., #75 Willis, #68 Adams, #72 Potrzebowski, #71 Hadley, #13 Higgins, #25 Gleason, #43 Duke Jr., #40 J. Dinzler, #76 House, #37 Petrie, #17 VanOrden, #38 Frarey, #90 Peckham, #23 Shipman, #0 Frante, #77 Helt, #12 Larrivee, #80 Chapman, #3 Underwood, #04 Harbst, #64 S. Dinzler, #34 Sharpsteen DQ

Heat Winners: #15 Robinson, #72 Potrzebowski, #73 Duke Sr.

Steffenhagen Jr. Captures Second Dave London Memorial and Tyler Catalano Wins Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Race at Spencer Speedway
By Shylo Fuchs

August 25, 2018
If you weren’t at Spencer Speedway for the Dave London Memorial X1 Race where were you?? You not only missed out on some amazing race action but, you also missed a T-Rex launching t-shirts into the stands, several bike races (kids and drivers), an amazing fireworks show and most important of all a chance to support Breast Cancer Awareness and one of the most amazing race promoters around.

There were a total of 59 cars signed in to try to race there way in to the two main events on the card for the evening. Not only was the winners title on the line but there were thousands of dollars in lap and bonus money there for the taking as well.

The beginning of the Grandpa Dog 4-Cylinder feature would start the night off with everyone in the packed grandstands looking to the moon and trying to decide if it were full or not. A red flag would fly to bring the full field to a halt on lap one after Jenny Dennie took a lick into the turn 4 wall. Track crew would confirm she was okay and tow her car to the pits where she would retire.

Then on lap 2 the red flag would again be shown to the field as the 71X of Kenny Hejna would end up gliding and sparking through turn 4 on his roof/hood bouncing off the foam blocks and coming to rest in the middle of the turn.

Tyler Catalano in his #54 would wheel his way to the front from his 4th place starting position and hold out through the remainder of the race to take home his first Grandpa Dog 4-Cylinder memorial race.

David Heimes would speak to the crowd after the race to express his appreciation for the support this race has gained from 16 racers that attended last year to the 25 this year.

It would then be time for the main event, the Dave London Memorial X1, a 50 Lap Feature for the New York Super Stocks.

The #75 of Zach Willis and the #7 of Josh Hunter would lead the stellar field of Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance to the green flag. Willis got the drop on Hunter at the green and would have the lead in turn one.

The first issue of the race would come on lap four as the #61 of Jim Steffenhagen Jr., the #6 of Griffin Miller and the #8 of Chris Finacchario would enter turn one 3 wide. Contact was made sending Finacchario high on the racing surface.

With the field two by two behind them this made it three wide off turn two with #78 Robert Fink, Finacchario and #11 of Terry Cheetham. Fink and Finacchario would make contact sending both into the wall collecting the #98 of Scott Wylie, the #90 of Nate Peckham, the #84 of Josh Schoonmaker, and the #5 of Sam Rotunda Jr. This would end the night for Fink, Finacchario, Schoonmaker, and Wylie. The #61 of Steffenhagen Jr. would be sent to the rear of the field for his involvement.

Zach Willis would resume the lead on the restart and start to pull away from the field but fast cars were on the climb through the field behind him. Including the #29 of Bill Frisbee Jr., the #15 of Nick Robinson and the #61 of Jimmy Steffenhagen Jr. who was coming from the last place starting position charging hard for the top.

On lap 11 the caution flag would again fly this time for the #85 of Brian Wozniak who had been running in the 7th position and ended up losing it all on his own in between turns one and two, all his competitors were able to avoid him except the 15th place running car who would end up hitting him while he sat still on the track.

During this caution Bill Frisbee Jr. would take his #29 from its second place position into the pits. This would put Nick Robinson on the outside pole for the restart and he would get the drop on Willis, pulling out in front and running away.

Steffenhagen Jr. would continue to climb through the field, passing cars with ease and gaining positions fast. He would be through the field and inside the top 3 by lap 24 and then he would challenge Willis for second on lap 29 and win the position. He would then ride out the remainder of the race trying to out race Robinson but coming up just shy of being able to take over the lead.

Steffenhagen Jr. would finish the race in the second position but after post race tech he would be awarded the victory, making this his second Dave London Memorial race win.
A huge thank you goes out to Jody London for all the work he puts in to making this an amazing show year in and year out. Also to all the fans for their support of this event and all the financial sponsors as well. Next year is sure to be the best DLM yet.

Dave London Memorial 50 Lap Main Event Finish- #61 Steffenhagen Jr., #75 Willis, #11 Cheetham, #03 Lazzaro, #7 Hunter, #25 Gleason, #94 Coyle, #34 Sharpsteen, #13 Higgins, #40 Dinzler, #17 VanOrden, #10 Larner, #12 Larrivee, #90 Peckham, #87 Hyman, #29 Frisbee Jr., #14 Flye, #85 Wozniak, #5 Rotunda, #77 Helt, #6 Miller,
#78 Fink, #98 Wylie, # 84 Schoonmaker \#15 Robinson DQ, #8 Finocchario DQ

Grandpa Dog 16 Lap Main Event Finish- #54 Catalano, #89 Copeland,
#04 T. Montgomery, #40 AJ Montgomery, #3 Anasiewicz, #66 Gustafson, 
14 A. Montgomery, #25 B. Dennie, #32 Palmer, #54x Dils, #37NY Schosek,
#26 Pierce Jr., #01 Willsie, #8 Heimes, #17 Ferris, #10 R. Palmer, #8X Shaw, #6 Bolton, #54R Treasure, #35 Bristol, #777 Boudette, #37A Alexander,#71X Hejna, #22 J. Dennie, #94 Virts DNS

NYSS Shirley Zacharias B-Main Finish- Top 4 transfer to the A-Main, #94 Coyle,
#38 Frarey, #25 Gleason, #90 Peckham, #77 Helt, #64 S. Dinzler, #99 Ripley,
#5 Rotunda, #41 Gavette, #46 Hicks, #89 Whalen, #37 Perez, #12 Larrivee,
#87 Hyman DNS 

Point Provisional Transfers- #5 Rotunda and #77 Helt

NYSS Heat Winners: #8 Finocchario, #75 Willis, #6 G. Miller, #29 Frisbee Jr.
4-Cylinder Heat Winners: #54 Tyler Catalano, #04 T. Montgomery, #89 Copeland

C&D Automotive Night Results - Sunoco New York Super Stocks Robinson Out Maneuvers Finocchario For The WIN at Spencer
By Shylo Fuchs

August 11, 2018
The #94 of Billy Coyle and the #90 of Nate Peckham would bring the field of 26 Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance to the green on a beautiful 75 degree evening in Williamson, NY. The #94 would take the early lead but the #90 would stay close behind challenging until he would finally take the lead on lap 4.

The #15 of Robinson would be coming from his 10 place starting position, climbing fast through the field looking to get to the lead before the #8 of Finocchario and the #75 of Willis. Robinson would say in post race interview that “once you are out front it’s easier to stretch your legs.” And stretch his legs he would starting on lap 7 when he was able to take the lead from Peckham but, Finocchario and Willis who had started 9th and 11th on the inside row were slowly working their way through the field.

One by one Finocchario and Willis were forced to out drive and out smart the best of the best that race with the New York Super Stocks. Previous race winner #40 Jason Dinzler and constant front runners #87 of Mike Hyman and #38 Shaun Frarey being the hardest obstacles.

A caution on lap 19 for a spun car would set Finocchario and Willis on the second row for the restart giving them hope for victory. But Robinson would get the drop on Hyman, Finocchario and Willis and pull out in front yet again. He would out maneuver Finocchario at every turn for the remaining 6 laps and take the checkered with Chris Finocchario and Zach Willis coming in behind him.

Robinson would say that “Anytime you can get a win with these guys, you’re doing something right.” This win makes two in a row for Robinson going into the Dave London Memorial Race on Friday August 24th, can he make it three in a row?? Or will it be Finocchario who has five wins at Spencer under his belt this season?? Maybe it will give Zach Willis who says “always a bridesmaid never a bride” referring to his 4 runner up finishes and this third place finish a chance to come out on top. With 50 cars already pre-registered for the DLM it could be anyone’s race. Hope to see you there!!

Thank you to C & D Automotive for their sponsorship of the evening.

Heat Winners: #87 Hyman, #84 Schoonmaker, #90 Peckham,
#61 Steffenhagen Jr.

B Main Finish: #11 Hawkins, #41 Gavette, #10 Larner, #77 Helt, #7 Hunter, #14 Flye, #99 Ripley, #30 Roycroft, DNS #6 G. Miller

Feature Finish: #15 Robinson, #8 Finocchario, #75 Willis, #87 Hyman, #90 Peckham, #40, Dinzler, #51 Vogler, #71 Hadley, #84 Schoonmaker, #5 Rotunda, #25 Gleason, #17 VanOrden, #64 S. Dinzler, #37 Petrie, #41 Gavette, #12 Larrivee, #99 Ripley, #14 Flye, #94 Coyle, #7 Hunter, #30 Roycroft, #03 Lazzaro, #77 Helt, #38 Frarey, #11 Cheetham, #10 Larner, DNS #61 Steffenhagen Jr.

Vogler Conquers 50 Laps at the Bullring with the Sunoco New York Super Stocks
By Shylo Fuchs

August 5, 2018
The Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance found themselves on the card for the evening at Wyoming County International Speedway. Twenty three cars and drivers would sign in and run heats for their feature starting positions.

The #40 of Jason Dinzler and the #5 of Sam Rotunda would find themselves on the front row with some stiff competition right behind them just waiting to get the chance to pounce. Jason Dinzler would pull out to the front and take the early lead with the #91 of Dylan Bancroft falling into second right behind him however on lap 8 caution would fly for the #78 of Robert Fink and the #5 of Sam Rotunda who came together on the backstretch and ended up setting against the wall. Unfortunately Dylan Bancroft would be forced to give up his second place running position and retire to the pit

That would put Chris Vogler who had been knocking at the back door of the #91 of Bancroft to the outside pole for the restart. Vogler would take the lead and pull out in front with a comfortable lead until the #15 of Nick Robinson who had started 11th and been gaining fast on the leaders took over the second spot from the #38 of Shaun Frarey in just 6 short laps.

Vogler and Robinson would spend several laps battling side by side for the lead with Vogler coming across the start finish line just one orange bumper ahead every time. Caution would fly on lap 23 and we would lose the #14 of Paul Flye. On the restart Nick Robinson in his #15 would get the jump on Vogler and cross the line one time before a red flag would bring the field to a stop. The #13 of Aaron Higgins and the #17 of Amber VanOrden would get hooked together in turn 4 and require track personnel to help get them into their pits.

The #75 of Zach Willis who had started 10th was gaining positions fast going from 8th to 2nd in just 5 laps. Then with 7 to go a caution would fly for the #81 spun in turn 2. On the restart Vogler would choose the top side yet again because he told us later that the car was “a rocket on the outside”.

He and Willis would go side by side through turns one and two and the second row of #25 Joel Gleason and #71 of Eric Hadley would get together and spin into the grass on the backstretch. Somehow the entire field was able to avoid and make it through unscathed. The #51 of Chris Vogler was able to pull out his first win since the Sandra Vogler Memorial in 2016 with #75 Zach Willis and super stock rookie driver #46 of Cole Hicks coming in third.

Chris would say in post race interview that the “race was awesome” and that this is his track. Zach would say “it’s not always who has the fastest car just the one who is in the lane that is moving.”

Thanks to Big Time Service for their sponsorship of the 50 lap event at Wyoming County. See you all next week August 10th at Spencer Speedway For C&D Automotive Night.

Feature Finish: #51 Chris Vogler, #75 Zach Willis, #46 Cole Hicks, #38 Shaun Frarey, #15 Nick Robinson, #81 Tommy Reese, #40 Jason Dinzler, #71 Eric Hadley, #5 Samuel J Rotunda Jr., #25 Joel Gleason, #90 Nate Peckham, #17Amber VanOrden, #84 Josh Schoonmakerr, #13 Aaron Higgins, #3 Underwood Ron, #14 Paul Flye, #64 Scott Dinzler, #29 Bill Frisbie Jr., #12 Matt Larrivee, #7 Josh Hunter, #6 Griffin Miller, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #78 Robert Fink

Heat Winners: #51 Vogler, #40 J. Dinzler, #91 Bancroft (After review, the 5 car was scored wrong on the last lap, our mistake, cars from 9th back were paid (1) position extra, the points will reflect the corrected finish)

Robinson and Finocchario Take Twin Twenties for the Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance at Spencer Speedway.
By Shylo Fuchs

July 28, 2018
Twenty Eight Super Stocks traveled to Spencer Speedway on the last Friday of July to battle it out in a pair of twenty lap features on a beautiful summer evening. Chris Finocchario would be looking to defend his season long record as the only winner at Spencer Speedway in the Super Stock division.

Joe Miller & Billy Coyle would bring the field to the green in feture number one. Coyle would grab the early lead entering turn one. Lap three would prove to be the toughest lap of the race as the red flag would fly as a multi car accident on the back straight would collect the racing machines of Coyle, Zach Willis, Sam Rotunda, Joe Miller, Jason Dinzler, Bill Frisbie and Terry Cheetham. Dinzler, Frisbie and Coyle would be able to continue. Chris Finnachario would take the lead from Nate Peckham on Lap eight motoring around the outside. After multiple yellow flags the first race would be cut short due to time constraints at lap 16. Finocchario would pick up the win followed by Nick Robinson, Nate Peckham, Josh Hunter and Shaun Frarey.

Jim Helt and Amber VanOrden would lead the field to the green for feature number two. VanOrden would grab the lead on lap one. Josh Schoonmaker would make his presence known on lap as he would grab the lead from Van Orden. Schoonmaker would lead until Nick Robinson found a way around on lap fifteen. Robinson would have to deal with hard charging Chris Finocchario for the remaining five laps of the race. Robinson would hold off all advances to pick up the victory in race number two. Zach Willis would charge from his 23rd starting position to finish second, Schoonmaker would finish third. Josh Hunter and Jason Dinzler would round out the top five.

Special Thanks to Josh and Donna Schoonmaker and Computers by JD for sponsoring the nights racing action. Thanks to F/A Products and Insinger Performance. 

Next up for the Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance will be a trip to the Bullring of Wyoming County on August 4th. Big Time Service will bring you the action starting at 7pm.

Feature #1- #8 Finocchario, #15 Robinson, #90 Peckham, #7 Hunter, #38 Frarey, #25 Gleason, #84 Schoonmaker, #64 S. Dinzler, #6 G. Miller, #99 Ripley, #17 VanOrden, #77 Helt, #41 Gavette, #73 Duke, #87 Hyman, #40 J. Dinzler, #48 Brown, #54 K. Lazzaro, #94 Coyle, #29 Frisbee, #10 Larner, #5 Rotunda, #75 Willis, #9 J. Miller, #11 Cheetham, #03 D. Lazzaro DNS

Feature #2- #15 Robinson, #75 Willis, #84 Schoonmaker, #7 Hunter, #40 J. Dinzler, #38 Frarey, #25 Gleason, ##87 Hyman, #48 Brown, #64 S. Dinzler, #17 VanOrden, #77 Helt, #41 Gavette, #99 Ripley, #29 Frisbee, #73 Duke, #10 Larner, #94 Coyle, #54 K. Lazzaro, #11 Cheetham, #6 G. Miller, #90 Peckham, #5 Rotunda DNS #9 J. Miller DNS #03 D. Lazzaro DNS #8 Finocchario DQ

Heat winners:  #15 Nick Robinson, #17 Amber Van Orden, #9 Joe Miller,
#8 Chris Finocchario

Finocchario Wins His 4th Sunoco New York Super Stocks Race at Spencer Speedway
By Shylo Fuchs

July 14, 2018
Lazzaro Performance sponsored a beautiful evening in Williamson, NY at Spencer Speedway on Friday night. After a rough start to the feature, including two cautions before the completion of lap one, the field of 26 Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance was able to settle in for an 8 lap green flag stretch. The #94 of Billy Coyle, who had rolled off from the pole, would lead laps one through eight and lose the lead on the restart to the #81 of Tommy Reese who had started in the 6th position.

All the while, Chris Finocchario in his #8 ride would be charging his way from his 12th starting spot through the field and would use the next caution on lap 13 for a spun car in turn four to take the top spot from the #81 of Reese. Heat winner Zach Willis in his #75 would be quickly working his way to the front but would run out of laps and wind up finishing second behind 4 time Spencer Speedway dominator Chris Finocchario.

In a post race interview, Chris would say he knew he “had to get to the front before the 75, because he’s really stepped up his game this year.”

Thank you to Lazzaro Performance for sponsoring the Sunoco New York Super Stocks race.

Join us back at Spencer Speedway in two weeks for the “Computers by JD Twin 20’s” to see if anyone has what it takes to challenge Finocchario for the win.

Feature Finish: #8 Finocchario, #75 Willis, #15 Robinson, #25 Gleason, #94 Coyle,
#11 Cheetham, #38 Frarey, #7 Hunter, #17 VanOrden, #03 Lazzaro, #5 Rotunda,
#51 Vogler, #64 S. Dinzler, #77 Helt, #41 Gavette, #90 Peckham, #9 J. Miller,
#91 Bancroft, #40 J. Dinzler, #84 Schoonmaker, #99 Ripley, #6 G. Miller, #87 Hyman, #10 Larner, #12 Larrivee, #81 Reese-DQ
Heat Winners: #94 Coyle, #75 Willis, #11 Cheetham

Jason Dinzler Reigns Supreme Over The Sunoco New York Super Stock Field at Evans Mills Speedway
By Shylo Fuchs

July 7, 2018
Saturday July 7th would find 26 Super Stocks signed into the Evans Mills Speedway to battle it out for victory in the F/A Products 50 lap main event. Four heats would qualify 12 cars for handicapping and lock the field in for what was guaranteed to be a great show
for the Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance.

The sun would set and the track would cool down during intermission as the drivers and their crews made adjustments and prepared for the extra distance. The #52 of Kenny Atkins and #84 of Josh Schoonmaker would be on the front row to lead the field to the
green. Schoonmaker would lead lap one, but Jason Dinzler was using his third starting position to his advantage and took the top spot to lead laps two and three.

Dylan Bancroft and his #91 would nab the lead from Dinzler on lap four. Bancroft would then set sail trying to run away and hide. This worked until the first caution of the race would fall on lap 23 for the #29 of Ray Bancroft’s spun car. On the restart the #91 of Dylan Bancroft would break his drive shaft and be forced to retire from the race.  
That would return the lead to the #40 of Jason Dinzler. Not long after the #84 of Josh Schoonmaker would spin in front of the field while running third and collect several of his competitors in turn three.

We would try to restart again and two cars would come together causing the #29 of Ray Bancroft to sustain front end damage, most noticeably being his bumper sparking and dragging all the way around the track. He would be able to get this fixed and return to the track to complete the race. However, Dinzler would not bedenied on this night as he would weave in and out of lap traffic, maintaining the lead through several cautions and fighting off the battle of the #73 of Jason Duke who was running with us for the first time this year, to win his first ever New York Super Stock series race.

At the completion of the race several fellow drivers would stop on the front stretch to congratulate Jason on the win showing great sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Thanks again to F/A Products and all their support to the series.

Join us next Friday July 13th at Spencer Speedway for another amazing show presented by Lazzaro Performance.

Feature Finish: #40 Jason Dinzler, #73 Jason Duke, #85 Brian Wozniak, #8 Chris Finocchario, #38 Shaun Frarey, #25 Joel Gleason, #78 Robert Fink, #17 Amber VanOrden, #51 Chris Vogler, #15 Nick Robinson, #29 Ray Bancroft, #13 Aaron Higgins, #64 Scott Dinzler, #90 Nate Peckham, #12 Matt Larrivee, #5 Sam Rotunda, #37 Zak Patrie, #88 Matt McLane, #77 Jim Helt, #52 Kenny Atkins, #9 Joe Miller, #75 Zach Willis, #6 Griffin Miller, #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #94 Billy Coyle
Heat Winners: #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #40 J. Dinzler, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #78 Robert Fink

Chris Finocchario Third Win in a Row at Spencer Speedway With The Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance on Rapid Express Night
By Shylo Fuchs

June 29, 2018
A beautiful evening in Williamson at Spencer Speedway started with heats for the New York Super Stocks. The #9 of Joe Miller would win heat number one from the outside pole and after handicapping land himself on the pole for the 25 lap feature event. Zach Willis and his #75 machine would run hard from his 6th place starting position through the field to win heat number two and the #90 of Nate Peckham would win heat number three after starting 5th and taking over the lead on lap four just prior to a caution caused by a battery gliding across the front stretch. 

The feature event would get underway after racers had time to make some adjustments and prepare for the battle ahead. The #9 of Joe Miller would come out of the gate strong and lead laps 1 through 5 with ease. All the while the #75 of Zach Willis was climbing quickly behind him, picking off spots one by one from his tenth place starting post. Positioning himself to strike and strike he did on a lap 5 restart, taking the lead and pulling away from the field. Caution would fly on lap 10 for a car slow on the front straight.

On restart attempt number two, without having completed a lap the field was brought to a halt for a red flag. The #9 of Joe Miller had been helped into the outside wall just shy of turn three and sustained some right front damage. The cars body however was mangled badly exposing everything for all to see.  Zach and his #75 were back out front on the restart and were cruising along comfortably in the lead. Yet he had to know that two time race winner Chris Finocchario in his #8 machine was charging behind him. Chris raced his way from fourth to second in four short laps passing the #90 of Nate Peckham and the #38 of Shaun Frarey. Then as he approached the #75 of Willis the battle would begin. 

For the next nine laps the top two would continue the same dance we had witnessed on night number one this year. The moves and countermoves from the two had everyone on the edge of their seats. With just two laps to go Finocchario would drive into turn one deep and complete the pass to take the lead and hold on through to the checkered. 
Special thanks to the nights sponsor Rapid Express who saw the #38 of Shaun Frarey (also sponsored by Rapid Express) drive his way to a third place finish. Join us next week at Evans Mills Speedway for the F/A Products 50 lap special event. Racing starts at 6 pm. Hope to see you there!!

Feature Finish: #8 Chris Finocchario, #75 Zach Willis, #38 Shaun Frarey, #90 Nate Peckham, #25 Joel Gleason, #03 Dale Lazzaro, #15 Nick Robinson, #87 Mike Hyman, #5 Sam Rotunda, #7 Josh Hunter, #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #40 Jason Dinzler, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #64 Scott Dinzler, #17 Amber VanOrden, #12 Matt Larrivee, #46 Cole Hicks, #52 Kenny Atkins, #77 Jim Helt, #9 Joe Miller, #41 Doug Gavette, #6 Griffin Miller
Heat Winners: #9 Joe Miller, #75 Zach Willis, #90 Nate Peckham                                      

Sunoco Fuels New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance 
Race #3 of the chase to the Championship
June 29th 
Spencer Speedway 

Rapid Express Transport Services Night

This Friday can Nick Robinson grab the trophy from Finocchario? Nick with two second place finishes in a row is looking for the win. Shaun Frarey has been knocking on the top five door, keep your eye on the #38 car. First 200 Fans going into the stands will receive a Rapid Express cup holder or a Rapid Express flash light. Don’t miss this night of racing …. Thanks to Rapid Express, Sunoco Fuels, Insinger Performance, and F/A Products. 
1) #8 Chris Finocchario 130
2) #15 Nick Robinson 119
3) #38 Shaun Frarey 106
4) #51 Chris Vogler 98
5) #25Joel Gleason 97
6) #91 Dylan Bancroft90
7) #40 Jason Dinzler 79
8) #78 Robert Fink 77
9) #84 Josh Shoonmaker 77
10) #17 Amber Van Orden [R] 74

On the card for the evening:
Sunoco Modifieds (35), Sunoco New York Super Stocks (25), Super Six (20), Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (15), Lighthouse Lanes Small Block Super Modified Series (30)
Pit Gates open 4:00pm
General Admission Gates open 5:30pm
Practice 5:45pm – 6:45pm
Heats starting at 7:00pm

Career Night With New York Super Stock Driver Zach Willis In Macedon
By Shylo Fuchs

June 22,2018 
Zach Willis, alongside his #75 Super Stock and head mechanic Sam Sherwin, visited the First Baptist Church of Macedon’s Career Night on Friday. Zach who runs his #75 Monte Carlo on both the New York Super Stocks tour and the Race of Champions Super Stock Series explained to the crowd gathered what it takes to be a race car driver. Zach said “It’s a hobby and we eat, sleep and breath it.” He told the group of kids ranging in age from youngsters to teens that he started his career in a 4 cylinder and after getting comfortable and winning a track championship it was time to move up into the Super Stock division.  
Zach and Sam told about everything from chassis to safety equipment. Questions were asked about how you build a race car from the beginning and they told how some competitors start from nothing and fabricate everything themselves but there are options to buy say, an engine from an engine builder and a chassis from a chassis builder. Their new engine that was just installed and hasn’t even hit the track yet took them 9 months to build themselves because racing is a hobby that they tend to around their normal work schedules.  
They told of highlights from the last 9 years as well as scary incidents involving safety crews and fire. The kids were especially interested in how comfortable the seat is and how safe racing actually is. Zach said his goal for the year is to “win a couple races, have a good points season and keep the car in one piece.” Thank you was offered and then it was time to get some visitors in the drivers seat of the #75. This was definitely an opportunity several of the kids were overjoyed to have. Sam answered multiple questions about the inside of the car and how things work from the cockpit. Smiles were endless on the faces of every child who entered.  
Thank you Zach and Sam for your willingness to attend such an event. Educating the future is an important mission and sharing your passion for racing while expanding the minds of those in attendance was an invaluable experience for all. Keep the sport alive by reaching out to those who aren’t involved. Great job guys!! 

Finocchario Wins Aratari Auto Color & Detail Night #2 of the Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance at Spencer Speedway
By Shylo Fuchs

June 15, 2018
The evening started out with action packed heats from the NYSS with lots of action in the first heat including side by side racing for the 3rd and 4th positions being decided by the yellow flag flying for several spun cars around the race track. Chris Finocchario and his #8 ride would lead the heat from wire to wire and secure himself a redraw spot that would put him on the outside pole of the feature race later in the evening. The second heat would see the #84 of Josh Schoonmaker take the checkered flag after starting in 5th place and being sent pit side on lap two for inspection of a possible leakage problem. The third heat was won by the #91 of Dylan Bancroft who also took the race from the pole to the checkered flag with ease.
The three heat winners would redraw the first three starting spots for the feature and would ensure the enormous crowd on hand that a race was for sure to come. The #8 of Finocchario would take the early lead and would have a 1⁄4 of a straightaway lead by lap 3. The battle for second heating up behind him between the #15 of Nick Robinson and the #90 of Nate Peckham with the #15 coming out on top on lap 6. Caution would fly on lap 7 as the #6 of Griffin Miller, the #77 of Jim Helt and the #12 of Matt Larrivee would all collect in turn three causing some front end damage for the #77 and sending the #12 and the #6 pit side for the night. Under caution we were able to communicate with the #5 of Sam Rotunda who said of his competitors that “you can hear ‘em and you can feel ‘em” coming up alongside you while you are racing. Green flag would come back out and again Finocchario would take a large lead over the field with Nick Robinson being the only one able to even try to keep pace with him.  Lap 13 we would see yellow fly again, this time for the #17 of Amber VanOrden sustaining some major rear end damage after coming together with the #40 of Jason Dinzler.  Nothing a little duct tape couldn’t fix for her though as she returned to bring up the rear of the field for the green a third time. Finocchario would find himself in a pack all alone with the #15 of Nick Robinson giving it his all trying to get the drop on the #8 without success. Chris would take the checkered flag for the second time this year at Spencer Speedway saying in post race interview that the “car handled the same- little bit better” and “it’s fun to win, that’s why we keep working hard.”

The Sunoco New York Super Stocks would like to send a big shout out to Aratari Auto Color & Detail for their sponsorship of the evening and can’t wait to see everyone back at Spencer Speedway in two weeks (June 29th NYSS Race #3 Rapid Express Night) for another great show.

Feature Finish: #8 Chris Finocchario,
 #15 Nick Robinson, #90 Nate Peckham, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #38 Shaun Frarey, #22 Willie Strusz, #51 Chris Vogler, #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #25 Joel Gleason, #03 Dale Lazzaro, #9 Joe Miller, #40 Jason Dinzler, #64 Scott Dinzler, #17
Amber VanOrden, #78 Robert Fink, #46 Cole Hicks, #5 Sam Rotunda, #94 Billy Coyle, #6 Griffin Miller, #77 Jim Helt, #12 Matt Larrivee, #41 Doug Gavette
Heat Winners: #8 Chris Finocchario, #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #91 Dylan Bancroft

Chris Finocchario Wins Sunoco Fuels New York Super Stocks By Insinger Performance Season Opener F/A Products Night
By Shylo Fuchs

June 1, 2018
Not a bad way to start the season off with the NYSS after the loss of his father. Chris Finocchario in his #8 machine started his heat on the outside pole and quickly pulled out in front from that position winning the heat with ease. He would go on to draw the 9th starting position for the feature during the intermission.
The Sunoco New York Super Stocks would make their way onto the track just after 10 pm on what turned out to be a classic June evening in Williamson. The cars were pulled around to the front stretch and a moment of silence was observed for Chris’s late father Charlie Finocchario. With the help of the fans the command was given for the “ladies and gentlemen to start their engines” and a few pace laps were taken under yellow to get some heat in the tires. This presented the opportunity to talk to Chris Finocchario about his racing style and his hopes for the evening. Chris shared that he preferred the high side at Spencer and that he hoped to bring home a win in honor of his Dad. The green flag would soon fly over the field of 22 and the #38 of Shaun Frarey would dart out into the lead from the pole position. Shaun and the #75 of Zach Willis would soon find themselves in a drag race turn after turn, lap after lap, until Zach was able to overcome on lap 7. While this was all happening at the front of the field, Chris Finocchario in his Charile’s Paving #8 was working his way forward and was going to be ready to battle for the lead when he got up front. Lap 14 hit and Zach and his #75 started being challenged at every turn by Finocchario. One time Chris would go high and the next he would go low trying to get the run that would push him ahead for the lead. Zach would later say he was trying to “make him go high” in order to maintain the lead and his plan had worked well for about 9 laps. After two consecutive cautions around lap 19 that lost the #84 of Josh Schoonmaker, the #91 of Dylan Bancroft and the #11 of Terry Cheetham after they sustained major damage from contact with the outside wall on the front straight, Chris was finally able to gain the lead, on the outside, with just 3 laps to go. The checkered flag would fly and Chris Finocchario would come out on top.
In a post race interview he said “This one’s for my Dad, this helps the healing a lot. Dad loved racing and he got me into it, which was stupid, because it’s a waste of money but, this was great.”

The Sunoco New York Super Stocks by Insinger Performance will race again on
Friday June 15th back at Spencer Speedway in Williamson For Aratari Auto Color & Detail Night.

Heat Winners: #25 Joe Gleason, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #8 Chris Finocchario
Complete Feature Finish: #8 Chris Finocchario, #15 Nick Robinson, #38 Shaun Frarey, #25 Joel Gleason, #51 Chris Vogler, #78 Robert Fink, #40 Jason Dinzler, #17 Amber VanOrden, #37 Steve Perez, #5 S.J. Rotunda Jr, #12 Matthew Larivee, #77 Jim Helt, #84 Josh Schoonmaker, #91 Dylan Bancroft, #11 Terry Cheetham, #46 Cole Hicks, #41 Doug Gavette, #03 Dale Lazzaro, #52 Kenny Atkins, #9 Joe Miller, #6 Griffin Miller,
#75 Zach Willis-DQ, #64 Scott Dinzler DNS

Sunoco New York Super Stocks with engine contingency program with F/A Products:

May 27th 2018
F/A Products Engine & Performance Engine Parts from Ontaio, NY have been a New York Super Stock (NYSS) sponsor since the series started. This will be the 6th straight year FA Products has been with the NYSS series. With talking with Tom Forgione owner of FA Products over the past month he wanted to do more for the series. For this coming 2018 season, at each NYSS event FA Products will be rewarding four (4) random drivers with a $50.00 engine parts certificate each. With this certificate the driver can either use the $50.00 for parts from FA Products or use the $50.00 at their engine builder for labor or parts. FA Products want to put money into the teams where it helps them, and the engine department can always use more. F/A Products is also Sponsoring two nights with the series. First being Friday June 1st at Spencer Speedway, the NYSS Season opener. The second is Saturday July 7th at Evans Mills Speedwayfor a 50 Lap extended race. A big thank you to Tom and his crew for all their help. Visit the ebay store fap_engineparts for all your performance engine needs. 

New York Super Stock 2018 Championship News:

Insinger Performance of Dunshore, PA and Sunoco Fuels have formed an exciting partnership with New York Super Stocks LLC (NYSS) for the 2018 season and beyond! Conversations over the past few months have transpired into a finalized deal just in time for the start of the NYSS season beginning on June 1st at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY.

Robert Lippa, Jr. and Bruce Insinger are both very excited to partner up and provide more benefits to the teams in competition this upcoming season.

Sunoco 110 will be the fuel that drives the teams in competition over the 12 race schedule, chasing the inaugural “Sunoco New York Super Stock Championship by Insinger Performance.” This deal nets the championship winner a cool one thousand dollars and the tenth place points finisher a minimum of two hundred fifty dollars for their efforts. Lippa stated, “When Bruce and I started talking about Sunoco becoming our primary fuel, I spoke with many of the registered teams this winter and they were all for it. 

Bruce Insinger wanted to become part of our growing series and we are extremely excited to have Insinger fuels and Sunoco as our title sponsor.” As everything that we do as a series, this was calculated and planned to start out small and grow into something even bigger with time,” explained Lippa. As a series, the New York Super Stocks strive for their sponsors to see a real value in their partnerships in local short track racing.

A new fuel rule will be added to the NYSS rule book for 2018 stating Sunoco 110 Standard Race Fuel and 91 octane non-ethanol pump gas will be the only fuels allowed for competition. The new rule also supports the tracks that NYSS compete at, as they are also all fueled by Sunoco.  

The NYSS Series was formed in 2014 by Robert Lippa, Jr. in order to unify the rules for the super stock division in Western and Central New York. The series has grown over the years and now includes races at Chemung Speedrome, Evans Mills Speedway, Evergreen Speedway, Wyoming County International Speedway and their home track, Spencer Speedway. 

2018 New York Super Stocks Rookie Update:

We have the written rookie of the year rule. Any driver eligible please message Bob Lippa Sr. We will mark all eligible rookies in the standings with (R). ​ Rule as follows: Rookie of the year: Any driver seeking “rookie of the year” status, must indicate driver eligibility prior to racing. A driver is eligible for said status if he or she has competed in two or less super stock races. All drivers requesting said status shall be notified as to their eligibility prior to participating in the first race of the series. Any driver who has prior race experience in a higher division, will not be eligible. Prior divisions include but are not limited to prostock, sportsman modifieds, modifieds, and late models. The intent of designating a “rookie of the year” is to encourage and reward a novice driver.​​

We have the written rookie of the year rule. Any driver eligible please message Bob Lippa Sr. We will mark all eligible rookies in the standings with (R). 

Rule as follows:

Rookie of the year: Any driver seeking “rookie of the year” status, must indicate driver eligibility prior to racing. A driver is eligible for said status if he or she has competed in two or less super stock races. All drivers requesting said status shall be notified as to their eligibility prior to participating in the first race of the series. Any driver who has prior race experience in a higher division, will not be eligible. Prior divisions include but are not limited to prostock, sportsman modifieds, modifieds, and late models. The intent of designating a “rookie of the year” is to encourage and reward a novice driver.

2017 News...

October 14, 2017 - WCIS

Invader Scott Adams Powers to NYSS Sandra Vogler Memorial Win

The New York Super Stocks were concluding their season as part of Wyoming County International’s Fall Shootout weekend. Fans cheered as Scott Adams from Nanticoke, PA took advantage of a restart with two laps to go and made the outside stick at the WCIS Bull Ring, beating several NYSS for the win. 39 teams made the haul, ready to battle for 26 starting positions. After five great qualifying heats were completed, 16 cars lined up for the 20 lap B-Main and the final 4 spots and 2 NYSS provisionals. When the dust settled, fans were heard saying that the B-Main with its long green flag period was one of the best races of the day up to that point. They hadn’t seen anything yet.

The 51 lap main event was led to the green flag by pole sitter and past NYSS Champion Bill Frisbee Jr. returning to action piloting a friend’s highly competitive Street Stock showing that you never count out David vs. Goliath. Outside would be “front row” Nate Peckham who has mastered the art of redrawing for the main event all season. After a couple quick cautions, a nice 12 lap run showed Frisbee Jr. taking care of business while several stout cars and drivers were working their way to the front. A lap 17 multi car crash would end the night for Consi winner Tim Gullo and eventually contribute to the demise of recent winner Charlie Sharpteen’s goal of 2 in a row. 

Multi time feature winner Chris Finocchario would take the lead from Frisbee Jr. on lap 24 as the big guys had now made their way to the front. Unnoticed by many, Scott Adams, who qualified out of the B-Main and starting 22nd, was following the power cars as they moved through the field. The top 4 were now Finocchario, Nick Robinson, Chris Vogler, and Adams while Tommy Reece was charging back to the front and would join the hunt over the next 25 laps. 

Robinson had been trying every move possible to get by Finocchario and had just powered his way to the inside of Finocchario. Racing side by side down the front stretch, they made contact which blew the right front of Robinson, who managed to keep it off the wall as the car slid up turn one. Race officials would send Finocchario back for the contact which created a front row of last year’s winner, Chris Vogler (Sandra’s son) and outside him was Adams with Reece now on Vogler’s bumper in 3rd. The lap 49 restart and 2 lap dash brought the fans to their feet as Adams made the outside line stick and hung on for the win followed by Vogler and Reese. Adams has been a winner and top contender in the PA area and commented about how this win gave him a special sense of pride given all the challenges he faced: a long haul from Southeast PA, never racing at WCIS before, and having to qualify through the B-Main. 

Sandra Vogler Memorial Feature: SCOTT ADAMS, Chris Vogler, Tommy Reece, Zach Willis, Bill Frisbee Jr, Brian Wozniak, Steve Pesarek, Robert Fink, Mike Brantell, Andy Cryan, Eric Hadley, Nick Robinson, Dylan Bancroft, Josh Schoonmaker, Mike Hyman, Markie Spencer, Josh Hunter, Chris Finocchario, Lee Sharpsteen, Brianna Dinzler, Joel Gleason, Tim Gullo, Nate Peckham, SJ Rotunda, Aaron Higgins, Frank Chapman 

Heat 1: Higgins, Chapman, Cryan, Hunter
Heat 2: Robinson, Schoonmaker, Wozniak, Hyman
Heat 3: Reece, Fink, Willis, Spencer
9Heat 4: Finocchario, Frisbee Jr., Hadley, Sharpsteen
Heat 5: Peckham, Pesarek, Vogler, Bancroft
B-Main: Gullo, Adams, Gleason, Brantell
B-Main: Gullo, Adams, Gleason, Brantell
Provisionals: B. Dinzler, Rotunda
DNQ: Jason Dinzler, Scott Dinzler, Justin Myers, Jeff Goodwin, Joe Horvatits, Kelly Miller, Steve Perez, Matt Larrivee, Jim House, Ron Underwood
DNS: Rob Miszczak, Chuck Nichols, Joe Miller

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