New York Super Stocks LLC
Rules of Conduct
2019 New York Super Stock Rules of Conduct:

General Rules:

1.Racecar construction & Driver safety equipment: Participating drivers must comply with all safety regulations of any and all participating tracks. All drivers are responsible for reading and complying with all safety regulations. Any track safety crew has the right to inspect and require a modification to comply with all safety codes.

2.Following each heat, b main and or feature race, the top five (5) finishing cars will proceed to the scales for weighing unless notified by the series. Wheel marks may be checked at this time.

3.Following all feature events, the top five (5) finishing cars will proceed directly to designated area for post race inspections.  

4.For races that include pre race inspections, cars must be in the inspection line during posted times.  Failure to be on time will prohibit car from racing in that event.

5.Prior to any race, both rear wheels will be marked with tape or paint line for a “locker check”. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that rear wheels are marked. Failure to mark the wheels prior to a heat race will result in losing your heat finishing position. Any non marked cars competing in  a feature race, will require their team to disassemble the rear end following the race for inspection of gears and spool; and shall result in a $100.00 fine.

6.Mirrors: One (1) 2” round mirror is allowed in driver side “a piller” area. One (1) 7" X 3" Interior mirror allowed. Will allow teams to tape up a bigger mirror to required size. If a driver is accused of mirror blocking, officials will research it. The driver will get a warning and will be on the watch list. If driver is found to be abusing the mirror after the warning they will lose their mirror privileges. Constant complaining from various drivers on mirrors will result in all mirrors being removed from all the cars. 

7.No two way or one way radio team communication. Automatic disqualification from event. 

8.One way to track radio only, Channel 454.000. Scanners allowed. Recommend a monitor radio by Waddel Communication 860-573-8821 Raceceivers are not recommended.  NO RADIO, NO RACING. Being able to hear the race director is key to the race running in a timely fashion. We will not tolerate the driver not being able to hear properly.  

9.If a driver does not follow instructions from the race director via radio they will be subject to a warning, penalties and/or fines. If a driver continuously has radio problems or following officials directions they will be subject to a racing suspension.  

10.Rookie of the year: Any driver seeking “rookie of the year” status, must indicate driver eligibility on the informational form prior to racing. A driver is eligible for said status if he or she has competed in two or less super stock races. All drivers requesting said status shall be notified as to their eligibility prior to participating in the first race of the series. Any driver who has prior race experience in a higher division, will not be eligible. Prior divisions include but are not limited to prostock, sportsman modifieds, modifieds, and late models. The intent of designating a “rookie of the year” is to encourage and reward a novice driver. 

11.Point Provisionals: Each race will allow 2 point provisional cars into the feature race. The provisional is based only on current point standings. Ties in point standings will be broken by number of races attended, then by best finish/s. This means the higher in points you are the more likely you will be in the feature.  The cars must attempt to race in the qualifying heats. Crashing during the heat race will not exclude you.  The (2) provisional cars will not go into the b main. If they are damaged they have the right to attempt to repair the car. If they can not make the main event, they must inform the pit stewart. Failure to do so will result in a fine and/or suspension. For the first event of each season the provisional will be from the previous season final point standings.

12.Feature starting cars, 24 cars to qualify and race, 2 cars from provisional, 1 possible car from guarantee start race winner. Possible 30 cars for DLM Start.

13.Guarantee start races will be posted on schedule. The car must attempt to race in the qualifying heat  race. Crashing during the heat will not exclude you from racing in the feature race. 

14.Car numbers: Are pre registered with the series. A car showing up race day has to pick from a non registered number list. Numbers are from 00 – 99. No letters, No 3 digit. Numbers on doors & roof must be clearly readable from the scoring tower. You will be asked once to fix the number if needed, the second time is a $100.00 fine, the third time is no racing.  

15.Car number ownership: Starting in 2019 there will be a $50.00 car number registration fee.  From January 1st to March 1st is when car numbers are to be registered and paid for. At registration time the number you ran last year is yours for this coming year. From March 1st on if you did not register, the number will go in the pool for any one. After race number 4, if you haven’t competed, your number will go back into the pool. If someone has a number you want, you can trade numbers or buy from them if both parties agree. For individuals with proof of a temporary medical condition prohibiting him or her from competition for one season, the number will be on hold till the following season.

16.All drivers must be signed in at the pit office to be placed in heat races. Drivers will be assigned starting positions according to their random draw. Drivers arriving less than sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled race starting time will automatically start at the rear of the heat. B and C main line ups will be posted from heat race finishes (if necessary). Feature redraw will be announced during that event, where and how many heat cars qualify.

17.Any car unable to make its assigned heat will be placed directly into the consolation race.

18.Starts & restarts. Front row must be door handle to door handle. The leader sets the pace. Leader rules: slow and steady down back stretch, pick up to a medium speed during turn 3, at designated spot exiting turn 4 can go. If the leader does not follow this procedure they will be moved into second place and try again. If second place does not conform they will be moved back to third place and try again. First offense is the penalty, second offense is going tail. 

19.All starts and restarts are double file. Can switch to single files starts at race directors discretion.

20.During initial starts and restarts there will be no passing on the inside until after exiting
turn two (2).

21.No three (3) wide racing during the first lap of a start and during the first lap of a restart.

22.Restart penalties will be assessed on the next restart lineup. If the race ends without another yellow, the penalties will be assessed on the final order of finish. First violation is loss of two positions, second violation will be put last in the field, third will be black flagged and parked for the night with a $100.00 fine.  

23.Any car that can safely keep going needs to. We do not want to see a car stop and bring out the caution flag. Penalty may apply at series officials discretion.

24.Red flag conditions: All cars must stop immediately. When you get the signal from the track safety crew, you can move in line or head pit side. If you do not follow as track & radio directed, a fine and/or penalty will be determined. Working on the cars in the pits only is allowed during a red flag condition.

25.The feature race shall run the full distance, if possible to run. The race director and starter may shorten any race if it becomes impossible to run or if in the best interest of the program it should not be continued.  Feature races must complete at least half the distance to be official. Time limits can be enforced at any time by the race director and will equal 1 minute per lap per event. EX; 20 lap race = 20 minute time limit.

26.Starting in 2019, a 30 Lap or less race will lose (1) lap for every caution flag brought out. A 50 Lap race will lose (2) laps for every caution flag brought out. Caution with 2 laps left will be a green, white, checker.  Second try will be a white, checker. Third try will end under caution. This is to encourage a car to not bring out the caution flag. This is to encourage clean green flag racing.

27.If a race meet is halted due to rain or other adverse conditions, prize money for all events run will be paid. If all heats for a division have been run and the track does not issue rain check, feature will be run as a part of a subsequent event.

28.Once an event has received a green flag, no other cars may join the field or be substituted. No driver changes permitted after an event has received a green flag. 

29.Switching cars and back up cars. If your car can not race due to mechanical problems, you can borrow a competitors car or use your back up car. What ever race is your next, you will start last.  You will have to tape up the car numbers, to the number you started the event with. Must let the line up crew or scorer crew know of car change. Failure to inform will be a $100.00 fine and possible penalty.

30.Decisions of series officials & track officials regarding race procedures or scoring shall be considered final. "Judgement" calls made during the race by an official is not always an easy task.  A driver or crew member arguing with an official over such calls can quickly lead to a fine and or race suspension. 

31.When a race is halted for any reason, drivers must remain in their cars in order to restart the event as quickly as possible, Any driver leaving or working on a car on the racetrack will be sent to the rear. Drivers must remain with their cars as they are towed from racetrack to pit area. If the driver leaves the car, the car will be towed to the infield and left until completion of that heat or feature race. Any crewmembers leaving the pit area and entering the racing surface during an event will cause that car's immediate disqualification from the event and a $200.00 fine.

32.Any car entering the pits during an event must slow down to a safe pit speed and if it returns to the field will restart at the rear. Penalty will be accessed with pit road officials. 

33.Lap cars will move to the inside lane and stay out of the way of passing cars. If a lap car fails to listen to move over flag and/or race director by radio, and gets passed on the inside, first time will be a warning via one way radio. Second time they will be black flagged out of race, receive last place points and money for the amount of cars that were on the track at the time of the black flag.  If a lap car causes an accident from not allowing lead lap cars room in the outside lane they will be acceptable to a penalty and or fine at race series officials discretion. 

34.Any driver who is in three cautions periods during the whole event will be black flagged and parked for the night.

35.Decisions on track position will be final and are determined solely by series scorers or track transponder system. Drivers are not allowed to discuss or debate positioning or any other calls with racetrack flag men or other officials while an event is in progress. 

36.A & B Contact rule: Cars A & B making contact and resulting in a caution will be placed in the rear of the field. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is. With the exception of car “B” making contact with car “A”, behind the rear wheels of car “A”, and car B spinning bringing out the caution. Any other cars not in the same call at another section of the track or spinning to avoid without contact after yellow is displayed, will resume the race in the prior position. If a car not involved with car “A” and car “B” bringing out the caution and happens to make contact as they go by them or through them, the car can maintain its position if the car does not need repairs or go pitside. The race officials, and scorers will determine this placement. 

37.Rough riding will not be tolerated. You will receive one warning. After that you will be sent to the rear or black-flagged. Any car black-flagged for rough riding will receive a penalty and/or fine based on the severity of the incident. Continuous problem with same driver will result in racing suspension.  

38.Hitting a car during a yellow/caution period and/or after the checkered flag will result in a fine of up to $500.00 and up to a calendar year suspension. Defective equipment (i.e. faulty brakes, stuck throttle, etc.) will be the responsibility of the driver and under no circumstance will be accepted as an excuse for the incident.

1.Series and series sponsor decals must be on the designated area of the car to collect any track payout, bonus money, and point series money.

2.Points are per event.  

3.Minimum series points for starting a feature race is 20 points. All cars that start a “B” and/or a “C” main races and don’t qualify for the main feature, will receive 20 series points. For a car that doesn’t make a main race for mechanical reasons will receive 10 points. 

4.No driver point substitutions in 2018 and here on. Points stay with the driver.

5.All NYSS point races will count (no dropping a point race)

6.Bonus money will be mailed the Monday after the race or paid at the following race. At the final race, money will be mailed out.  

Penalties and violations

1.Any retaliation of any kind and/or fighting on or off the track will subject that driver to suspension and/or fine. Team owners and drivers are responsible for each other, their crew members and his or her immediate family members. A minimum of a $50.00 fine per person involved up to and including a permanent suspension can be assessed as determined by officials based upon the severity of the violation. If a suspension is assessed, New York Super Stocks will notify you of when you are eligible to return. Any continuing violations involving the same individuals will result in permanent suspension.

2.We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times. We will not tolerate profanity or profane gestures in front of the race fans, officials, and/or management.  

3.No profanity or vulgar words and/or symbols or signs on racecars, haulers, and shirts/apparel is permitted.  Any drivers or their racecars and/or haulers displaying vulgarity shall remove any and all words and or symbols immediately upon request. 

4.Any and all complaints and/or concerns shall be shared directly with track management and NYSS officials, and not in a public forum via Social Media.

5.Any driver and/or pit crew member or any individual associated with said driver who intentionally and/or maliciously disregards, manipulates, intimidates, threatens, slanders or otherwise harasses a NYSS official, management or track or attempts to do so via Social Media postings, private messages, text messages or in any way electronically, will be subject to Team Disqualification and/or fine, suspension, loss of points and/or other action determined appropriate by management or Race Director. Financial penalty to be determined by management or
Race Director.

6.There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in the pit area before or during the race program. There will be no controlled substances on the track grounds. We expect your full cooperation with this matter.  Anyone in the pit area, who in the opinion of the officials appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, may be suspended. 

7.The ”Penalty Box”: For transparency, accountability and fairness, any driver or Team who is penalized for any violation will have his or her name or Team name posted along with the infraction and penalty imposed in the “Penalty Box” section on the Series’ website.  


8.Tech refusal is an automatic disqualification. Driver and car will be suspended until illegal part/s are removed from the car and inspected by the series. Also the car will be inspected prior to racing again in the series.

9.Protest rules: The protest must be discussed & submitted to the NYSS race director 15 minutes prior to the feature starting. Must be written of what you specifically want checked. Protestor has to finish in the top 10 in order to protest. If twin features, car will be taken apart after the last feature.

10.Engine in car protest rule: The protesters car and protestee’s car will both be checked. During inspection, tech has the right to visually check anything else in that area. The fee is $500.00. $175.00 non refundable. If the protestee is found legal he or she gets $325.00, if the car is found illegal the protester gets $325.00 back.

11.Engine removed protest rule: If an engine has to be removed from the car from a protest the fee is $1,000.00. $300.00 non-refundable. If the protestee is found legal he or she gets $700.00, if the car is found illegal the protester gets $700.00 back. Time and place to be determined by end
of that night.

12.Soft Protest rule. This protest does not cover the engine rules. Examples of what this protest covers: whistle, wheel base, frame height, engine placement, clutch, carburetor, wheel width, rear end locker check, etc. The protesters car and protestee’s car will both be checked. The fee is $200.00. $100.00 is non-refundable. If found legal the car being protested gets the $100, if car is found illegal the protester gets the $100 back