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Questions on tires call - Chris @ 585.727.1354 after 6:30 pm
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2019 New York Super Stock Rules:

General Rules:

1.  Top (5) to scales ALWAYS after each heat & feature & top (5) to TECH ALWAYS after the feature.

2.  Rear wheels are to be marked.  It is the driver’s responsibility to see that they are marked.  Not marked could result in a DQ. 

3.  Any retaliation of any kind and/or fighting on or off the track will be subject to suspension  and or fine. Team owners and drivers are responsible for each other  and their crew members.

4.  1st offense could result in a $50.00 fine per person involved.  2nd offense  $100.00 fine and one race suspension per person involved.  New York Super Stocks will  notify you of when you are eligible to return.  Any continuing problems (from the  same individual’s) will result in permanent  suspension.

5.  We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times.  We DO NOT and  WILL NOT tolerate profanity or profane gestures in front of the race fans, officials, and/or management.  Negative slander attempting to deface the  speedway, officials, competitors and/or fans on the internet by a driver, crew  member or fan is prohibited and is the responsibility or the driver/team owner to  control.  No profanity or vulgar words or symbols/signs on racecars, haulers, and shirts/apparel.

6.  At any time if your dress, actions, or conduct are not in the best interest of New York Super Stocks racing, you will be asked to leave the pit grounds.  A suspension will be imposed if, in the opinion of the officials or management, it is necessary to control the situation.

7.  No driver may get out of his/her car on the track or pit road to argue or discuss  the race with officials. This is a safety rule and cannot be violated unless directed by a Track Official. The driver / team may be disqualified for the event or suspended indefinitely according to the decisions of the officials.

8.  There will be NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES allowed in the pit area before or during the race prog ram.  We expect your full cooperation on this matter.  Anyone in  the pit area who in the opinion of the officials appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of  drugs may be suspended.

9.  No point standing driver substitution, points stay with the driver.

10. All NYSS point race will count (no drop races)

11. Tech refusal is a DQ & is subject to suspension.

12. Bonus NYSS Money will be mailed the Monday after the race or paid at the following race.  At the final race, money will be mailed out.  

13.  All race cars must have working My laps transponders.

Competing models, years, appearance

Open to any North American built car from 1965-2010.

1.  Spoilers allowed with a maximum 6 inch height.

2.  No cold air boxes permitted.

3.  Stock appearing aftermarket bodies allowed (i.e. ABC, S2, LMSC, and ARP Muscle Car). Bodies must look like stock bodies.  No wedge or dirt late model style bodies.  No down force noses.

4.  Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite bodies allowed.

5.  Rear Bumper cover required, No holes or cutting for air flow.

6.  Frame must remain stock from front to rear.  Frame behind suspension may be replaced with 2×3 inch box tubing.  Johnson Chassis metric frame, clip & components allowed.

7.  Johnson frames & Johnson clips MUST meet the lower points of the Johnson template.

8.  Windshield must be replaced with Lexan.  Must be a full windshield.

9.  Doors must be securely fastened front and back.

10. Body molding, including door handles, must be removed.

11. Driver must sit in stock position.  Seats, make sure the driver can see over the dash board properly. 

12. Front firewall must be 20 gauge steel.

13. All unibody cars must have a minimum two inch by three inch sub-frame. The sub- frame must be no less than .120 wall thickness.

14. Side bars allowed with no sharp edges.  One bar only.  Cars with bars that can "hook" will be asked to fix them.  Side bars must be flush (tight) with the body.  Door side bars or the door if not using a door side bar, must be a minimum mounted out to the end of the tire thread (recommend to the outside of the tire bulge).

15. All personal, general & construction safety to be approved by the hosting Race Track.

16. Drive shaft hoop mandatory, two hoops recommended.

17. All bodies, No roof or rear window spoilers, No passenger or driver windows, No window deflectors.  Quarter windows and rear window allowed.  No vent windows (A-Piller).

18. No hole in hood for air cleaners.

19. No Traction Control Devices.  No electronic control device.

20. Engine and frame must match type of manufacturer.  Example: Chevrolet engine in a GM frame, Or Ford engine in a Ford or Mercury frame, Or Dodge engine in a Mopar Frame.  NO Cross breading.

Aftermarket Bodies:

1. Aftermarket bodies allowed: ABC, LMSC, AR Street Stock/Sportsman, AR Muscle Car, S2 Sportsman, other bodies may be allowed with NYSS written approval.  Subject to all the same bodies rules except the following.  ABC Gen 6 body is not allowed.

2. Aftermarket bodies can not be lower than their published spec measurements. If higher the body needs to be in proportion of its heights.

3. Aftermarket bodies have a minimum ground clearance of 5” (nose & rockers).

4. Aftermarket bodies rear spoiler max height of 3”.

5. Aftermarket bodies can not subtract material from their body panels.

6. Aftermarket bodies can add to the rocker panels and nose to get a 5” ground clearance if the body is mounted higher.

7. Aftermarket bodies can not have additions to rear lower quarter panels.


Maximum engine displacement as follows:

•  Maximum of .060 over bore

1.  Engine location.  For all frames, maximum engine set back #1 spark plug hole in line with the lower ball joint center line.

2.  Intake manifolds allowed: Edelbrock Chevrolet 2101, 7101; Chevrolet Vortec 2116, 7116; Ford 351c 2750/7183, Ford 351w 2181/7181, Ford #M9424 C358; Chrysler 2176 or any duel plane non-air gap intake manifold with approval from NYSS (picture and part# submitted for approval).  No port work, no blending, no coatings.

3.  All engines must use flat top pistons or dish pistons.

4.  Stock OEM production block only.  No racing blocks.  Dart part #3116111 SHP is allowed.  

5.  Sportsman rods 5.7 length or 6.0 inch.

6.  Forged crank shaft legal.  Minimum crankshaft weight is 48 lbs (pounds).                           Counterweights may not be altered in any way.  No pendulum & No undercut counter weights.  No gundrilled cranks. Normal balancing only.  Crank shafts must be stock stroke for the block.  Rod and main bearings must be stock size (will allow up to.050 for clean up).  

7.  Cylinder heads must be OEM production or World Products S/R # 42660 or # 42670.       Chevrolet OEM #10239906 & #12558062 Vortec Heads allowed.  No boss Ford or Chrysler Hemi or Pontiac ram air heads allowed.  Chevrolet Bow tie & Vortec Bowtie heads Not Allowed.  2.02 maximum intake valve and 1.6 maximum exhaust valves allowed.  Cylinder heads cannot have any port work done.  No Titanium parts allowed anywhere on the engine.  No crossbreeding of manufacturers’ parts allowed.  Cast Iron heads only.

8.  Any hydraulic or solid camshaft permitted.  1.5 and/or 1.6 roller rockers allowed.  No roller lifters.  Stud girdles allowed.

9.  Only stock type or HEI ignition permitted.  Rev limiters allowed:  MSD Soft touch rev control 8728, MSD Circle track RPM Control 8727CT, and MDS Ignition module w/rev limiter 83647.

10. Car must have working self starter.

11. No battery within driver’s compartment.  Battery must be 12 volts.

12. Maximum compression ratio 10.0:1. To be checked with NYSS approved whistler.

13. Pre-tech engines @ ambient temperature will be 10.0:1 no tolerance.  Post race engines will have an allowance to 10.2:1 for heat “NOT” any higher.  Any reading that flickers to the next highest number will be viewed as being the higher number.

GM Crate Engine Rules:

1.  GM Crate engine 88958602 allowed.

2.  Holley 4412 Only, no chip rule, can change valve springs, can use 1.5 or 1.6 roller rockers, race fuel allowed.

3.  Crate engines are subject to same rules & inspections as the open engines.

4.  Engines do not have to be sealed.


1.  One stock unaltered two-barrel carburetor.  Holley 500 Carburetor #4412 only.  No HP carbs.

2.  Stock 4412 fuel bowls only.  No H.P. or aftermarket.

3.  No billet, No aftermarket, No H.P. metering blocks.

4.  Only one solid Carburetor Spacer made of aluminum or phenolic plastic of a maximum height of one (1) inch permitted.  Only one .075 maximum gasket per side.  NO wedge shaped mounting surfaces, both top and bottom surfaces must be parallel.  Spacer must have 2 holes maximum size 1.750 straight bore and match the base of carburetor.   No air flow modifications. No alterations allowed to carburetor spacer.  No beveling, tapering, grooving or flaring of port holes. Spacer may not be stepped or undercut.  Or Unaltered Mr. Gasket Adapter kit #1933 is allowed.

5.  Air filter housing may be offset for clearance of the distributor only.  No tubes, funnels or any other device which may control the flow of air is permitted inside the air filter housing or between the air filter housing and the carburetor.  Max of (1) 14” x 4” air filter.

Exhaust System:

1.  Street headers & Standard Crossover headers only.  Maximum collector size 3".  No merge collectors.

2.  Exhaust system may use H pipe or X pipe.

2.  Exhaust pipes must extend under car and exit behind driver.

3.  Mufflers are mandatory.  Maximum allowable noise decibel to be 95db.  Maxium muffler inlet and outlet size is 3.5" (adaper from 3.0" to 3.5" is allowed).  

4.  Maximum diameter exhaust pipe allowed 3 inch.  Tail pipe maxium size is 3.0".

5.  Adjustable exhaust headers, try-y type, collector type, 180 degree, merge type, pyramid type, exhaust headers will NOT be permitted.


1.  Only stock OE production manual transmissions are allowed.  Three/Four speed standard transmissions are permitted.  Aluminum or steel case only.

2.  Only stock OE production Two or Three speed automatics transmissions allowed.  

3.  No direct drive set ups.  No drop out clusters.  No trick parts.  

4.  Internal Parts must be OE stock parts, or stock replacement parts.

3.  Steel or Aluminum Bell housings permitted.

4.  Removal of gears permitted. (automatic or manual)

5.  Clutch must be a single disc (10.5 inch GM, 10 inch Ford) diameter min.  Stock type flywheel. Clutch, pressure plate & flywheel 30lb min.  No High performance ultra light  clutch.

Rear Axle & Rear Suspension:

1.  GM 10 bolt 7.5 inch, GM 10 bolt 8.5 inch and Ford 9 inch rear ends allowed.  Full floater rear ends allowed, Locked rear ends only.  No ratchets, gold track, Gleason’s or Detroit Lockers allowed.  Steel spools only.

2.  No Gear Rule.

3.  All rear ends must be a leaf spring or four link suspension.  Adjustable rear upper & lower control arms allowed.  Rear arms stock length +/- 1.00”.  NO truck arm style arms.

4.  No track bars or panhard bars.  No connecting bars to the frame other than the four control arms.  

5.  Aftermarket axles allowed.

6.  Steel drive shafts only.

7.  Steel, rubber or mono ball bushings allowed.  Heim ends allowed in place of rear control arm bushings.  Rear lower frame mount must remain stock.  Rear lower housing mount must remain stock width.  Hiems must be centered in mounts.  Rear upper control arm mounts maybe moved and fabricated as long as you meet rule 3 above.

Front Suspension & Steering:

1.  Stock type stamped steel or Johnson Chassis Lower control arms.

2.  No Rack & Pinion Steering.

3.  Racing springs may be used.  Jacking bolts allowed.  No coil over springs.  No coil over eliminators.  No bump stops.

4.  Racing shocks are allowed.  No external adjustable shocks.  No schrader valves.  Front shocks may be mounted outboard to allow jack bolts.  Part numbers on shocks must be identifiable to verify cost.  Non identifiable shocks will be deemed illegal.  Shock valving must match part number on shock.  Shocks may not exceed $140.00 per shock (current retail price).

5.  Stock OEM style sway bar or Howe Sway Bars allowed.  No rear sway bar.  No Spine Bars.

6.  A minimum of 5 inch frame ground clearance measured at the frame rail behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel.

7.  Tubular front upper control arms permitted.  No heims.

8.  Fabricated or stock upper control arm mounts.

9.  Spindle’s - GM on GM, Ford on Ford only.  No racing spindles, no drop spindles.  ( ie: Impala spindle,s on a metric chassis is OK).  Also allowed is Speedways GM metric 3-piece spindle part # 910-34501 (Short steering arm not allowed).

10.  No wide five hubs and/or spindle's.

11.  Heim ends allowed for inner and outer tie rods only.

12.  Minimum wheel base is 108 inch for all cars.  Wheel base will be determined by center line of the rear axle housing to the center line of the front lower ball joint (grease fitting) at ride height. There will be ½” allowance for leading of the rear ends.  NO tolerance beyond this rule.

Camano type cars:

1.  Camaro’s are allowed, leaf spring cars.  NOT a 3 link and/or panhard bar rear suspension.

2.  Regular front springs, a-arms, standard stock spindles and leaf springs

3.  Camaro’s still have to follow the other chassis rules.


1.  After market OEM Style Calipers allowed (aluminum or cast iron).  No Late Model, No Modified style calipers allowed. Brakes are mandatory on all four wheels and must be in 100% working order.  Dual master cylinders & disk brakes on the front and/or rear.

Wheels and Tires:

1. Steel wheels must be used and have a maximum width of eight inches.  Racing wheels only.  One inch difference allowed.  Example 2 inch on lefts and 1 inch on rights is OK. ½  inch spacer is allowed on rights if the offsets on the car are all the same.

2.  All wheels must be fifteen inches.

3.  Maximum width measured at outside of tire at spindle height: 80 inches.  No 0″ offset wheels.

4.  Tire rule. Used 10 inch Hoosier 1070 only.  All used tires will come from NYSS OfficialTire supplier.  ONE New 1070 tire will be allowed each week, that tire needs to be checked in before heat races begin.  All tires need to be stamped by a NYSS Official.   Call Chris Vogler @ (585) 727-1354 for tire information.

5.  No soaking or treating tires must meet durometer specs cold and hot

Fuel & Fuel Cell:

1.  All cars must have a fuel cell, 22 gallons maximum, must be in enclosed steel container.   Fuel cell must be no lower than the centerline of the rear axle housing with the car at ride height.

2.  Fuel rule: Sunoco 110 Standard Race Fuel only or 91 octane non ethanol pump gas only.


1.  Weight of all cars: 56% max left side, 3150 lbs minimum with driver in seat, before and after the race with no allowance for fuel or fluids.


1.  All cars must have a working fire extinguisher in easy reach of the driver.

2.  Fuel shut off clearly marked in reach of driver.

3.  Radiator must have an overflow can, one gallon minimum.

4.  Oil coolers are allowed. Transmission cooler allowed.

5.  All roll bars, side bars or other protrusions that driver may come into contact with must be properly padded.  Roll bar padding must be approved.

6.  Full Containment seats highly recommended.

7.  No air boxes of any kind.

8.  Throttle-mechanical throttle linkage only with double return spring.

9.  All cars must be neatly painted and professionally lettered.  Numbers from 00 to 99, no letters. Numbers must be minimum of 18 inches high.  Must pre register car number.  

10. (1) 2” round mirror is allowed in drivers door (if abused will be removed from all cars).  (1) 7" X 3" Interier mirror allowed (allowed to tape up a bigger mirror to size)

11. No two way or one way communication radios.

12. One way to track radio only, Channel 454.000.  Scanners allowed.  Recommend a monitor radio by Waddel Communication 860-573-8821 www.waddellcommunications.com.  Raceceivers are not recommended.  NO RADIO NO RACING.  Being able to hear the race director is key to the show running in a timely fashion.  We will not tolerate the driver not being able to hear properly.

13. Hard Protest rule. The protest must be discussed & submitted to the NYSS race director 15 minutes PROIR TO THE FEATURE STARTING.  Must be written of what you specifically want checked. The protesters car and protestee’s car will both be checked.  During inspection, tech has the right to visually check anything else in that area. The fee is $500.00.  $175.00 non refundable.  If the protestee is found legal he or she gets $325.00, if the car is found illegal the protester gets $325.00 back.

13A.  If an engine has to be removed under a protest the fee is $1,000.00.  $300.00 non-                 refundable.  If the protestee is found legal he or she gets $700.00, if the car is found illegal the protester gets $700.00 back.  Time and place to be determined by end of that night. 

14. Soft Protest rule. The protest must be discussed & submitted to the NYSS race director 15 minutes PROIR TO THE FEATURE STARTING.  This protest does not cover the engine rules. Examples of what this protest covers: whistle, wheel base, frame height, engine placement, clutch, carburetor, wheel width, rear end locker check, etc.  The protest must be discussed & submitted to the NYSS race director prior to the feature starting.   Must be written of what you specifically want checked. The protesters car and protestee’s car will both be checked. The fee is $150.00.  $50.00 is non-refundable.  If found legal the car being protested gets the $100, if car is found illegal the protester gets the $100 back.

15.  Whistle protest – There are set procedures for this in print.  See Race Director for details.

Anything not covered in these rules will be considered illegal if not exempted by NYSS officials. These rules were written to be inclusive but not costly.  If you have concerns, please contact a NYSS official at 585-889-4910.ere to adext.
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2019 Rules

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